Act Now to Support Funding for Bike/Ped Projects

March 7, 2014

Ask Sens. Bonacic and Tkaczyk to Fund Bike/Ped Projects – CALL TODAY!

We’ve received an urgent request for support from our partners at PTNY. Turns out the State Senate is finalizing their budget bill this weekend, and overall the budget includes several painful cuts to non-motorized transportation infrastructure.

PTNY is leading the call to restore $20M to the state budget for these important projects. Our recent successes in securing grants for the Kingston Greenline are great, but without future funding our efforts will grind to a halt short of our vision.

Please take five minutes TODAY to CALL or EMAIL State Sen. Bonacic (District 42 – map) and Sen. Tkaczyk (District 46 – map) to voice your support for increased funding for bike and pedestrian projects in our region.

(See Dear Colleague letter from PTNY for more background)

  • I am a resident in Ulster County calling/emailing you to voice my support for bike and pedestrian projects in New York State and our region.
  • I ask you and your conference to take up the proposal from Parks & Trails New York, which calls for a dedicated level of funding in the SFY 2014-15 budget and beyond for bike and pedestrian projects.
  • The $20M in additional funds proposed by PTNY will fill the gap left by cuts in federal MAP-21 and reductions in spending on these projects under the State Transportation Improvement Plan.
  • We are working locally to build safer, healthier, more vibrant and sustainable communities through improved bike/ped infrastructure. As we do so, we look to you and your colleagues in Albany to help us by assuring the resources needed to effect these changes.


Sen. Bonacic
Sen. Tkaczyk