County Legislature Needs To Hear from You

After a couple of recent contentious meetings of the County’s Trails Advisory Committee and the Railroad Advisory Committee, it seemed clear that some new steps would be taken at the legislative level related to the proposed Ulster County Rail Trail Project, which overlaps in Kingston with our Kingston Greenline initiative and would create a rail trail from Midtown to the Ashokan Reservoir.

Last week, Legislator Lynn Archer, D-Accord, along with other co-sponsors in the Economic Development and Finance Committee, put forward a resolution (Resolution 275) that would clarify the legislature’s position with regard to the long-debated Rail and Trail proposals. According to the resolution, the County would “support a segmented rail with trail plan to convert the U&D corridor to a rail trail only in the segment between Kingston and Boiceville,” while continuing a tourist railroad operation west of the Ashokan reservoir.

This resolution puts the County Legislature’s position squarely in alignment with the County Executive’s proposal and we are calling on all trail supporters throughout the County to speak up in favor of Resolution 275. This is a crucial moment, where the common-sense compromise solution – a segmented Rail and Trail approach – can finally be adopted. Despite the CMRR’s best intentions, the best option for the corridor is a trail from Kingston to Boiceville and a tourist train west of Boiceville to Phoenicia.

Please call your County Legislator to tell them you support Resolution 275, which presents a win-win compromise that preserves a scenic tourist train while opening up the U&D railroad corridor for free, active use by all!

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