Membership has its BENEFITS

The Kingston Land Trust (KLT) is only as strong as its membership base and volunteers, and in December we were proud to introduce our Membership program! We have two types of membership, Family & Individual levels as well as levels for businesses, associations and corporations. KLT membership is a commitment to open and active space in Kingston and a pledge to future generations to keep these areas active.

By donating to the KLT, YOU make it possible for our mission to be accomplished. YOUR gift does so much for our community that we want to make sure you reap some benefits.

The Family & Individual membership levels provide a range of giving opportunity. Our first is the Protector level. As a Protector your name will be listed on our website, you will receive our semi-annual print/electronic newsletter, be on our list for regular email blasts that include updates on our projects, notices of events and you will also receive (1) one ticket to our invite-only appreciation event that occurs each fall. This membership level is a $25/year commitment.

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Linear Thinking Sometimes Good For Parks

Proximity to parks in Kingston: (current)

Kingston Land Trust

What do you imagine when you think of the word “park”? Is it a green patch with benches and picnic tables? A rugged wilderness with backcountry hiking trails? Or something in-between? In-between urban and rural parks–both conceptually and physically–are linear parks. Linear parks often consist of a trail and the narrow strip of land surrounding the trail (think of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, which ends at Kingston’s doorstep). While their linearity is clear, their “park-ness” is less so. But think–a linear park has nature, trails, and points of interest like benches and bridges. A linear park IS a park, simply a different kind of park, with the added benefit of providing transportation between bigger parks (“polygon parks”?), neighborhoods, and cities.

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Trail Mix

Complete Streets

For the past few months, the Kingston Land Trust has been working on developing a sustainable framework for management of the Kingston Greenline. As part of a recurring column in the Kingston Land Trust Newsletter, we’ll be introducing some concepts that provide a base for better understanding trail management.

This month’s concept… Trail Types.

For each portion of the Kingston Greenline a Trail Type has been identified based on trail surface, extent of built infrastructure, surrounding environment, and relationship with a rail corridor or active rail line. These distinctions help determine maintenance needs, and guide planning and design decisions. Identifying trail types for different portions of the Greenline also helps determine both short- and long-term maintenance costs.

There are several Trail Types that have been identified for the Greenline, including:

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Why Do We Care About Building a Better Broadway?

Build a Better Broadway

If you read the local papers last fall, you probably noticed a healthy debate about proposed changes to the Broadway corridor in Midtown Kingston. A project called “Building a Better Broadway” has been making its way through the planning process, and with details starting to emerge it’s clear that there are lots of perspectives to consider.

You may not know that the Kingston Land Trust has been actively involved in developing the proposed design, though. “Huh,” you might say. “Why would a land trust care about the design of a busy city street and commercial corridor?” We think we have a good explanation, and we hope that in providing it, you’ll have a better sense of why the project is so important.

What’s the proposed design?

In short, the goal of the new design is to bring more people to the Broadway corridor – to shop, to dine, to attend a show, to travel, to live. Doing this means providing a “complete street” that comfortably and safely accommodates ALL users, including people walking or riding bicycles.

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Chill Ride Series & Film Screening with Bike Friendly Kingston

Chill Ride SeriesThere’s nothing like a bike ride around Kingston in the winter to remind you that you’re alive and amazing.

WHO: Bike Friendly Kingston
WHAT: Chill Ride & Screening
WHEN: Thu, February 25, 6pm – 9pm
WHERE: 721 Media Center 721 Broadway, Kingston
WHY: Ride, Learn, Watch & Enjoy!

An evening ride followed by a Bike Gear Show & Tell at 7pm (Register Here) and then a screening of the film, A Winter of Cyclists at 7:30pm. Please join us for the ride of your life… Bring all your friends.

GATHER ’round

Winter GatherDon’t just freeze your buns off… Keep the VDay party alive this year and hang out with the KLT crew…

WHO: Kingston Land Trust
WHAT: Winter Gather!
WHEN: Tuesday, Feb 16. 7-9PM
WHERE: The Anchor: 744 Broadway, Kingston NY
WHY: Mingle, Learn, Win!

Join us for our Winter Gather! Learn about what the Kingston Land Trust has accomplished in the past year and our plans for what’s ahead in 2016. Stop by, grab a drink, a burger or whatever suits you – and gather with us! PLUS… Raffle, Prizes and more!