A call for Volunteers – WE NEED YOU!!!

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You’ve got a busy schedule. There’s work, kids, pets, the spouse, granny… You’ve got parties, get togethers, social engagements and you’re juggling multiple social media accounts. And then you have to clean the guest house for this weekend’s AirBnB guests… We get it, you’re so busy it’ll make our head spin… So, how could you possibly find time to add another thing to your already packed plate, let alone volunteer your time? Well, it’s simple, because the Kingston Land Trust is an amazing organization and WE NEED YOU!!!

The Kingston Land Trust’s mission is to protect, connect and activate urban open spaces in and around Kingston NY. Our board and members are also volunteers who put in tons of overtime to help make Kingston one of the most special and unique places to live and visit in New York State.

Our main initiative at the moment is the Kingston Greenline, ever heard of it? It’s a major project that involves converting abandoned railroad tracks in Kingston into a series of trails and parks for the public to use and enjoy. If you know anything about the Highline in NYC (a similar rail to trail project), then you can imagine how incredible this could be for Kingston and the surrounding area. But we need some serious HELP to make this amazing vision into reality!

WE NEED YOU!!! Here’s some ideas how you can help…

WE NEED Trail Keepers:

Are you organized and efficient? Are you a neat freak who’s not afraid to get dirty or of heavy lifting? Is your dream to manage a staff of dozens of millennials? If yes… Then you are so the chosen one. We need managers to…

  • Help keep the sections of the Kingston Greenline clean and trash free.
  • Pitch in on clean up and clear out days.
  • Monitor the trails… Let us know if there’s any issues.
  • If you SEE something SAY something.
  • Take ownership and pride in the rail trail and it’s maintenance.

WE NEED Trail Champions:

Are you a chatty patty fearless social butterfly? Are you a  Facebook Guru or a budding photographer? Then you’re for us. We can use help engaging…

  • Writing blog posts.
  • Making unique and interesting Social Media Posts.
  • Taking photos of the Kingston Greenline Trails and other parts of Kingston.
  • Spreading the word… Liking our posts, Sharing our posts and Commenting on our posts.
  • Helping us work our tables at events. Talking to people about how great the Kingston Land Trust, the Kingston Greenline and the South Pine St. Farm are!

WE NEED Trail Leaders:

Are you a leader? Are you an effective thinker that gets the JOB DONE? Do you put the Kardashians to shame with your accomplishments? Then let us sign you UP! We need your leadership abilities to…

  • Represent the Kingston Greenline and the Kingston Land Trust at events and functions.
  • Interface with other groups and organizations.
  • Brainstorm better ways of maintaining and managing our projects.

Now I know you’re hooked! Email us at office@kingstonlandtrust.org with the area you’re interested in and we’ll hook you up with your first sacred duty.

Winter’s Summer’s Coming… WE NEED YOU!!!

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