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Dana at entrance to trail

Kingston Point Park and Kingston Beach are two of my favorite parts of living in the Rondout neighborhood in downtown Kingston. The improved Kingston Point section of the Kingston Greenline trail that runs along the tracks has now been extended from Kingston Point Park, and reaches all the way to East Strand by Gill Street.

I love riding my bike down East Strand & hopping onto the Greenline trail along the tracks to watch the sun set at the beach. The Hudson river is beautiful & represents so much in New York State’s history. I feel lucky to live in a city with access to this beautiful body of water.

Kingston Beach Sunny

Evening walker at sunset(1)

As I walk on the trail in between the river and the train tracks, I find myself imagining what Kingston Point was like when it was a thriving port of entry into this city. The Hudson River Dayliner stopped at Kingston Point, bringing passengers to and from NYC. Back in 1897, Samuel D. Coykendall built the park and it featured a number of different recreational activities including a ferris wheel, dance hall, lagoon and carousel. According to the Friends of Historic Kingston, the daily average attendance in 1903 was 3,000 people. Though the scene has changed quite a bit, the park is still frequented by locals and tourists looking for an escape into nature. That History and access to nature is what draws me to the park, almost daily for my ritual walks with my pup, Cooper.

Spring Entrance Tracks along Greenline in the Fall

There is also something so special about visiting my favorite places in each of the four seasons. The trail at Kingston Point Park is accessible seasonally. In the Winter, I like to watch the Hudson freeze over with ice and snow. When Spring rolls in the ice begins to break, big bricks of ice line the edges of the water as huge barges plow through the two lane boat highway. In the summer, I love to picnic at the point with friends and watch the boats on the Hudson. The fall is by far one of the most colorful times of year to visit the point as the leaves burst bright oranges, yellows and reds all along the trail.

Kayak sunset at Kingston Beach

Visitors can also be seen kayaking the Hudson, sunbathing at Kingston Beach, picnicking on one of the many seating areas offered along the trail, or simply watching the boats and trains pass on the River.

I recommend visiting the park in all of the seasons, all times of day and in all kinds of weather. The Hudson is tidal and as the tides change, the scenery changes. Come when the moon is full and when the moon is new and watch the landscape change. Remember to dress appropriately as it can be windy alongside the river.

Evening Walk at Greenline_View across to Rhinecliff

Dana lives in the Rondout neighborhood with her adorable dog Cooper. Her family history in Kingston is what brought her to the area over ten years ago. Together, she and Cooper enjoy exploring all of the beauty and history that Kingston has to offer.

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