Q&A: Request for Proposal for Websites


Is it possible to propose a platform other than WordPress or is that what KLT prefers?

You are welcome to propose a different platform, but WordPress is what we are accustomed to, and the decision to switch would have to be made once the consultant is selected and has a discussion with the staff and board.

The KLT Website Design and Development RFP states “…that content is readily able to be translated.”  Does that mean the website needs to be bilingual, English and Spanish?

The website will be bilingual in English and Spanish, and we would appreciate options and guidance on how that can be best accomplished (whether it be with a translate button or by duplicating content so that it is available in two languages).

Is there any specific website functionality you’re looking for (email sign-up pop-ups, etc.) or are you looking for a upgraded design / look and feel?

We are looking for an upgraded design, look and feel, and we will also need a way for visitors to sign up for events and volunteering, use interactive maps, and upload and display content (for example, photos and contact information for our land-matching program).

Is it possible to craft one joint proposal for both RFP’s or will you require two separate proposals?

You can combine the proposals, but please submit a price proposal that includes separate totals for each scope.

Do you have any design inspiration?

We will be developing a new logo and brand that will inspire the design of the Kingston Land Trust website. For the KLT website, We want to be welcoming, community-oriented, professional and user friendly. We want the site to be fun, down to earth, inclusive and accessible. During the website design process, we can come up with some sites that we like as examples. The Greenline website’s look will be driven by the existing style guide.

Tell us about your audience. Who are your primary stakeholders? What audience do you wish to reach out to more? 

Our primary audience is folks who want to visit or use the land that we own and manage, mostly in Kingston and surrounding towns. We are looking to engage the full diversity of our area, all ages, heritages and abilities. Another important audience is local landowners, who want to share or protect their land.

What is your capacity for producing content internally?

We are bringing on a part-time communications coordinator who will be producing graphic content regularly (photography, videos and graphic design). In addition our Executive Director and Communications Chair will contribute graphic design content and guidance.

What kind of assets are you looking to add?

We are looking to add posts and photography, as well as an interactive map and land matching portal.

Will all the copy be provided ready to use?


Do you have a library of photography that will be used for the website or are you looking for asset development to be included in the proposal?

We have a library, so we do not need any asset development.