African-American History Committee


The KLT African-American History Committee is currently inactive.  

We are, however, in search of interested individuals or organizations who would like to continue our past work  in this area. If you are interested, please contact us. Thank you!

Kingston’s African and African-American Burial Grounds


Our Mission:

The Kingston Land Trust African-American History Committee is charged to uphold the integrity, accomplishments, and contributions made by African-Americans who lived, or are living in the City of Kingston, NY.

Our Vision:

Through outreach and partnerships, the Kingston Land Trust African-American History Committee is committed to researching, documenting, preserving, and disseminating information on the history of the African-American community in the City of Kingston.

Our Goals:

1. Collect, compile, and archive significant information and material related to individuals, families, and institutions who have lived in the City of Kingston.

2. Promote Awareness of the many contributions of African-American citizens to social, economic, political, and religious institutions by organizing seminars, workshops, special events, and individual oral presentations.

3. Protect historic and sensitive sites.

4. To nurture partnerships and help promote African-American heritage in Ulster County and beyond.


Enjoy this song about Kingston’s African-American Burial Grounds by Mark Foley, Founder of Volunteer Music.

“For Grace”



Our Accomplishments:


* February 29th, 2012Showcased the Mt. Zion African-American Cemetery Rededication Film to Elementary Students during Black History Month. 

* June 5th, 2011 –  Organized a re-dedication ceremony for the Mt. Zion African-American Cemetery on South Wall Street, Kingston. More details to come.

* May 23rd, 2011 –  Worked with the Old Dutch Church of Kingston who offered the African-American Community a statement of reconciliation for their role in Slavery. More details to come.

* Ongoing – Prepared three significant African-American properties for historic landmark status both on the local and State level.