FALL UPDATE: 2010 City Hall Victory Garden Season

The Kingston Land Trust is pleased to have been a partner for a second year  at the organic vegetable garden located on the grounds of Kingston’s City Hall.  Thanks to City Hall Garden Manager (and Farmer) Jesica Clark and the many volunteers who did a terrific job this season.

As always, a very special thanks to Mayor James Sottile, the City of Kingston’s Clerks office and the janitorial staff who helped to make 2010 a success.  We look forward to our continued collaboration in 2011 and beyond.

Below is a brief note from Jesica to share the year’s harvest news. Join her on November 6th when she will plant Garlic and retire the garden for the 2010 season.

Warm Regards,

Rebecca Martin
Executive Director
The Kingston Land Trust

“The Kingston city hall garden thrived this year with mixed crops grown in a square foot garden plan. The big successes were the sugar snap peas, lettuce and mesclun mixes, and tomatoes which provided us with great yields throughout the season. Overall, approximately 50 pounds of produce were donated to the Queen’s Galley from the 8’ x 8’ space. The trellis on the north end of the garden help peas and cucumbers grow vertically and increased the garden’s productivity. Garden manager Jesica Clark and volunteer Renee Vaughn had a fun time maintaining the space with the help of several other harvest volunteers in the fall. The garden was also host to a couple of workshops on how to plan and plant a square foot garden.

Next year the garden will again be planted square foot style, but with different crops highlighted, including medicinal herbs and flowers. Mrs. Clark also hopes to grow garlic from “seed cloves” which are actually cloves from large, well formed heads of garlic. The garlic cloves are planted in the fall to ensure proper growth the next year. We will be a small garlic planting and info session at the garden on Saturday, November 6th at 3pm”.

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