Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Garden Committee Hosts Workshop

Those in attendance included: (L-R) Kingston Corridor's Gerald Berke, HKK Garden Committee member Cecilia DeFerrari, Kingston Land Trust Executive Director and co-chair of the HKK Garden Committee Rebecca Martin, HKK Project Coordinator Kristen Wilson, and HKK Assistant Alyssa Thompson.

The Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Community Garden Committee is in the midst of designing a citywide “Kingston City Garden” website that will help to bring together all of the current gardens, opportunities and provide helpful instruction in the city of Kingston. Included will be an interactive social media component called “BuddyPress” where immediate communications can occur on all garden related content.

Instructed by Kingston Digital Coordinator Mark Marshall at the Everett Hodge Center’s computer lab,  the group learned how to apply BuddyPress to a WordPress site that is being developed with plans to launch in February, 2012.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the HKK School and Garden Committee, please contact co-chairs Julie Noble ( or Rebecca Martin (

A very Special thanks to the City of Kingston, the Everett Hodge Community Center and Kingston Cares for their assistance.

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