Introducing: The Kingston Children’s City Garden

We are working towards a second community garden in the city of Kingston. The location is on 26 South Pine Street off of Greenkill Avenue. Here are the details…

Kingston Children's City Garden Location

Kingston Children's City Garden Location


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Midtown Parcel Set for Kids’ Community Garden

Binnewater Ice Co. offers lot for site of the ‘Kingston Children’s City Garden’

KINGSTON – Diane Davenport and Binnewater Ice Co. is donating the use of a vacant parcel of land on South Pine Street, off of Greenkill Avenue in Kingston for the creation of the Kingston Children’s City Garden, which will be a community garden led by “Farmer Frank” Nazzaro along with neighboring residents and children.

The project is being coordinated by the Kingston Land Trust’s garden committee as well as members of the Queen’s Galley and Operation Frontline.

Diane Reeder of the Queen’s Galley intends to implement Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline project into the Kingston Children’s City Garden. Reeder’s project shows the benefits of growing food while also helping to feed the community. Reeder said community gardens are important for neighborhoods as well as the entire city. “Creating gardens provides our youth with the opportunity to learn how to make their own healthy foods in a most affordable and sustainable way,” Reeder explained. “And building community gardens throughout the city helps nurture community by developing ownership and helping people shape their immediate neighborhood. This helps the entire city grow in a positive, healthy way – and it’s done one seedling at a time.”

Diane Davenport, of Binnewater Ice, added that it was her “hope to turn this piece of vacant land into a garden for the neighbors and their children. With the support of Rebecca Martin through the Kingston Land Trust, we now have an opportunity to do so.”

For more information on this or other city garden efforts, please contact Rebecca Martin at (845) 750-7295 or email

About Binnewater Ice Co.:

Binnewater Ice Co. is located at 25 S. Pine Street, Kingston. Binnewater Ice provides local spring water, ice and can also meet your coffee needs. Binnewater Ice is the distributor of Leisure Time Spring Water. Visit us at:

About the Kingston Land Trust:

The Kingston Land Trust is a non-profit organization committed to the protection and preservation of open space, historic sites, wetlands, scenic areas, and forests in the City of Kingston and the surrounding region to include the Town of Ulster and the Town of Kingston. Our mission includes developing community gardens in public spaces, parks and schools, which fosters a connection between people and the Earth. The Kingston Community Garden initiative is led by Rebecca Martin, director of the land trust. For more information, see

About Operation Frontline:

Operation Frontline is a program of Share Our Strength, which is brought to the Hudson Valley via Partnership with The Queens Galley. Operation Frontline is a culinary nutrition education class series for low-income individuals. Classes serve children, adults and seniors.


5 comments to Introducing: The Kingston Children’s City Garden

  • neighbors of south pine st

    Will someone PLEASE tell me why this site was chosen? This is a dead end street. What community children will be involved? We were never approached or asked if this was something we would like on our street. If you are going to put these gardens in, then you need to make them attractive, not an eye sore. Please take a look at this one! It has a fence around it that looks like it is falling down or the front of a haunted house. If it is going to be on our street, then it needs to look better than this one does!!!!

    Concerned neighbors.

    • kingstonnavigator

      It was given to us to farm – along with the water, too – as a donation. The community there will benefit tremendously. The work was done by Farmer Frank – and the neighbors are being contacted to get involved. The community garden process is just that. A process. Give it a chance – and feel free to give me a call. Thanks for writing. Rebecca 845/750-7295

  • neighbors of south pine st

    I understand the purpose and the meaning. I have no objections to the garden being there. However, the other garden pictures posted were pleasant to look at. I have lived here for over 20 years and have seen the surrounding area deteriorate. I want to believe that this will be an attractive and positive addition to the neighborhood, but at this time it is not looking as such. I will give it time, and then possibly I will call you to speak to you further.

    Thanks for your response.

  • kingstonnavigator

    Of course. Thanks for reaching out.

    I’d like to work with all of the neighbors surrounding the lot so it can take on the the needs of the surrounding residents. That’s always what makes each community garden so unique.

    First step is walking around the neighborhood with the flyer alerting the residents. Would you like to help? This is a terrific opportunity to raise the quality of life and community in this area.

    It would be very nice to work together.

    Rebecca Martin

  • kingstonnavigator

    Here’s an update.

    The property on South Pine Street is being carried to farm by Diane Reeder’s (of Queens Galley) operation frontline program. Of course – I would love to also have it be a community garden and I’m sure in time, it will be.

    Farmer Frank has asked that all inquiries, interest and/or complaints to please be directed his way. Frank spends a good portion of his day at the Rooftop Garden at 721 Media. The number there is 845/331-7955. If you get the machine, leave a message for Frank with Lou.


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