Kingston Greenline Progress Update

Photo by Kevin Godbey

Photo by Kevin Godbey

You may notice that our newsletter, which in 2014 focused exclusively on the Kingston Greenline, has shifted a bit to include more information about other Kingston Land Trust projects and initiatives. That said, the Greenline remains a major area of focus for the KLT, and even through the dead of winter our Rail Trail Committee has been hard at work to keep the project moving forward.¬†Here’s a quick update on the project’s status.

Phase 1 Construction Continues

In October, through a contract with the City, Iron Horse Preservation Society began to remove the old railroad track and ties from the 1.5-mile section of the Kingston Greenline known as the Kingston Point Rail Trail. After several weather-related delays, the project came to a pause when the snow began to pile up in January. Covered in snow, the hulking piles of bundled ties are awaiting the thaw, when Iron Horse will return to remove them and smooth out the trail bed. In the Spring, once Phase 1 is complete, the corridor will be ready for the real work to develop a permanent trail linking Midtown to the Rondout waterfront.

Detailed Design Gets Underway

More recently, the City of Kingston has selected a team of landscape architects, engineers and planners to develop a detailed design for the permanent trail, as well as for the on-street connections that extend the Kingston Greenline into Midtown, out to Kingston Point, and up to the proposed Hudson Landing Promenade. The team will begin by reviewing the on-the-ground conditions, and by gathering input from neighbors, area businesses and other stakeholders. Through this work the abstract concepts first laid out by the Rail Trail Committee with help from Alta Planning and Design will begin to take more concrete shape. By the end of the summer, we expect to have detailed schematics and construction specifications in hand, which will position the project for groundbreaking in late 2015 or early 2016!

Our Team Never Tires!

Those are the big updates, but there’s a steady stream of announcements, events and other news on our website (, and on our Facebook page ( Look for info on upcoming meetings and events, too, in future issues of our monthly eNewsletter!

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