Kingston Greenline Update


The Kingston Greenline is an ambitious program of the Kingston Land Trust that aims to complete a network of area rail trails and complete streets to improve the quality of life of area residents. There has been some significant progress over the past few years to reach that goal.

The rail ties have been removed along the Kingston Point section of the trail beginning in Midtown and ending at Kingston Point. When that work was complete, there began weekend volunteer cleanup events to keep the trail open until construction of the paved trail could begin. This year also saw the roll-out of the Urban Trail Rangers program where every other week volunteers would meet to inspect or clear a section of the trail when necessary.

If all goes according to plan construction of the Kingston Point section of the trail should begin in the spring with a city meeting to discuss the future of Broadway as a complete street between now and then which could see the kickoff of that project as well. Already sharrows have been designated on Cornell St. and Foxhaul Ave to the trail-head behind Rondout Savings with bike route and Kingston Greenline signage.

It’s only going to get better from here, so hopefully we’ll see you at one of our Weekend Wanders so you can see the progress firsthand.

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Scott McIntosh is a mechanical design engineer, 10 year Kingston resident and Kingston Land Trust board member who enjoys everything the area has to offer more each day.

1 comment to Kingston Greenline Update

  • Mr.McIntosh,
    We enjoy our association with the City of Kingston and the Land Trust and are pleased to see the wonderful progress the improvements have brought to the community. I truly am pleased at how many local citizens I see use the trail as I am often there my self aboard our trolleys and trains.

    Please clarify this article as it contains a factual error. You wrote: “The rail ties have been removed along the Kingston Point section of the trail beginning in Midtown and ending at Kingston Point.”

    Actually, the ties have only been removed from Jansen Avenue to a point about 200 feet west of the Trolley Museum’s west gate. The entire route from there to Kingston Point is, and will remain, an active railroad. From a point about 3/4 of a mile west of the line’s end at Kingston Point to it’s eastern terminus we are proud to share the right of way with the trail.

    Erik Garcés
    Trolley Museum of New York

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