Kingston Resident Shares Success Story – "Leave it on the Lawn, Kingston!"

By Rebecca Martin

Several years back, my friend and comrade (and longtime city of Kingston resident) Kate Lawson helped me to get  the “Leave it on the Lawn, Kingston!” campaign underway.

Kate lives in a beautiful spot out in Wilbur and every year has more leaves than anyone I know. For this reason alone, I always appreciate sharing her yearly success story with other Kingstonians who might feel mulching isn’t a good solution to managing leaves in the fall.

Here are helpful links to composting leaves and other yard waste material. Have fun out there.

“Leave it on the Lawn, Kingston!” Sponsored by the Kingston Land Trust and City of Kingston.

#1: Leave it on the Lawn, Kingston! Mulching Leaves

#2: Leave it on the Lawn, Kingston! Composting Yard Waste


First pass with the mower/mulcher.

Blowing in more leaves from the perimeter.

Second pass.

Finished! Mowed and fertilized. No raking, bagging or hauling.

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