Urban Agriculture

The Kingston Land Trust is committed to the preservation of open space in the city of Kingston with a focus on land used to promote farming and the production of fresh produce within the city.

Somewhere in Kingston, NY a small farm grows…

South Pine Street City Farm is a collaboration between non-profit organizations, small businesses and two committed farmers who want to see Kingston bloom. With the generous donation of land use from Binnewater Ice, Co.,  the 1/4 acre urban farm provides the citizens of Kingston with fresh, extremely local produce and provides a unique opportunity for Kingstonians of all ages to experience small-scale agriculture, right in their back yard.

More Than Just Growing Great Veggies:
The South Pine Street City Farm will help to grow farmers and grow the concept of urban farming. It will show that it is possible, even in an urban landscape, for a new farmer to find access to land and find support for an agricultural career. Our goal is to inspire as well as provide a model for farmers, cities and their citizens to grow the possibilities for a local food-based network.

Meet Our Farmers:
Since late 2014, South Pine Street City Farm has been operated by Trish Hawkins and Joel Zenie. Trish and Joel can be found at the farm most days during the season. For up-to-date info, including farm stand hours, visit the farm’s Facebook page, or go to www.southpinestreetfarm.org


To learn more about this and other ongoing Urban Ag projects in Kingston, visit 

Enjoy this song written about the South Pine Street City Farm by Mark Foley, founder of Volunteer Music

“A Farm in the Town”