Fee Simple Properties

What are Fee-Simple Properties?

Fee-Simple Properties are when the Kingston Land Trust acquires all the rights and privileges of land ownership.

KLT owns several parcels in fee-simple:

The Esopus Creek parcel was a City of Kingston surplus lot purchased from the City. The Lower Esopus Creek corridor was identified as an open space priority during the initial phase of the Kingston Land Trust and was intended to be a preserve possibly which could be used in connection with kayaking and canoeing on the Creek, or other forms of passive recreation.

Yeomans St. was also a City of Kingston surplus lot purchased from the City. This parcel was first thought to have possible  revolutionary war historic significance as a place near to the Ulster County militia fortification during the Burning of Kingston in Oct 1777, but due to the tunnel located on site, built by Newark Lime & Cement Co leading to their underground quarry at Hasbrouck Park, was determined to have significance to the 19th century industrial period. A lower flat portion may be suitable for urban agriculture, while a suggestion regarding possible geothermal potential has been made with respect to the tunnel.

The lots on Brinks Lane in Hurley, Orlando, and Buckley St. in Ulster, and Rte 28A in Ulster were purchased as surplus county parcels after being identified as areas to remain open space by Ulster County and FEMA, as part of the FEMA Catskill Flood Remediation Program. Orlando and Buckley Street have frontage directly on Esopus Creek. The Rte 28A parcels are associated with wetlands and Preymaker’s Creek downstream from its source at Onteora Lake. The Brinks Lane properties are in the Esopus floodplain near the conjunction of Esopus Creek and Preymaker’s Creek near cornfields already under preservation easement with other non profits and associated the Preymaker, chief sachem of the Esopus Native peoples at the time of Dutch settlement in the 1650’s.