Project Criteria / Project Evaluation



Many properties are worthy of protection, far more than we can work on at any one time, so we prioritize our work. Our Mission focuses on open space, historic sites, wetlands, scenic areas, forests, gardens and trails. Soon, the Kingston Land Trust will create a Strategic and Land-Protection Plan to further assist us in selecting projects.



If the Kingston Land Trust and a landowner agree to pursue a project, the KLT will conduct a thorough evaluation of the landowner’s property. This will involve a formal site evaluation visit to the property by the Land Trust’s Land Use, Management and Planning Committee. The committee will consider the conservation values of the land, how it fits with the KLT’s mission and priorities, the method of acquisition (e.g., donation or purchase), the initial cost, and the long-term management costs. The committee will then make a recommendation to the board of directors. If the board approves, the Land Trust staff will begin working closely with the landowner to develop the project. If it is not a donation, we will simultaneously pursue funding, either through private donations or government grants. Depending on the complexity of the deal, the transaction may take anywhere from nine months to three years or more.

The Kingston Land Trust will be uploading more information on their criteria in the coming months.