FALL FEAST’ivities: S. Pine Street City Farm Stand



There’s a lot of autumn entertaining and feasting to get on with this season, and the South Pine Street City Farm Stand is ready to supply you with fresh, naturally grown herbs and vegetables (using organic soil and seeds with no pesticides) to make all your fall dishes divine. Located at 27 S. Pine St in Kingston (map it), the stand’s hours are 3PM – 6PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays… Now through November 23rd!

Farmers Trish Hawkins and Joel Zenie would like to share with you this letter they recently penned to some local flora and fauna:

Dear Dr. Kale, the Collards, and Miss Mustard Greens,

Thank you, loyal friends. You’ve been with us from the start and now, it being Fall, you’ve caught some beneficial chill and will provide your good green leaves to human customers until our season’s end.

Dear Human Friends, come one come all to get your healthy Autumn greens (and root crops) at the Farm. We’ll be open Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 3 to 6 pm until November 23.

Hearty thanks to all,
Trish and Joel

P.S. Don’t come if there’s a blizzard! In any case, we’ll reunite in Spring.

Trish and a carrot

Trish and a carrot

peppered in deliciousness

peppered in deliciousness

garden chard

horseradish root

horseradish root

















The Stand’s fall harvest consists of: kale, collards, mustard greens, arugula, dill, cilantro, parsley, horseradish root, lettuce, turnips and carrots.

Digging Up Land Trusts’ Urban Roots

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Conservation land trusts work to protect land by holding property rights for the public good.

Relying on a combination of volunteers, staff and a board of directors, these nonprofit organizations may own land outright (which may be turned into public recreation areas or reserved for conservation purposes), or place conservation easements on pieces of property (which allows the land to remain privately-owned while still protected from development). In doing so, land trusts are advocates for responsible land use so that current and future generations can enjoy the many benefits of open space: recreation, agriculture, biodiversity and climate resiliency (just to name a few).

But, while all land trusts work towards these fundamental goals, each one represents a unique community and defines its own mission. Looking across the U.S. you can find land trusts of all shapes and sizes, but no two are identical.

People often imagine land conservation as occurring on tracts of remote wilderness, along the rolling hills of a bucolic farm, or framing a National Park; and, some land trusts do work on large scale preserves. But many land trusts form when development pressure reaches a breaking point and jeopardizes some of last remaining space for communities to gather.

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The Dig Kids Celebrate End of Season BBQ Celebration in 2012

The Dig Kids in 2012.

The Dig Kids, an Urban Farming Program created by the Kingston Land Trust, host a BBQ in Midtown to celebrate their garden successes in 2012 on Thursday, August 23rd. Citizens are invited to meet at the Everett Hodge Center at 4:30pm for a garden walk to the Van Buren Street Playground where they can enjoy the new garden with hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade pesto pasta and programming by the 2012 Dig Kids.

Kingston – The Dig Kids, an Urban Farming Program created by the Kingston Land Trust in partnership with Kingston Cares (a program of Family of Woodstock), The South Pine Street City Farm and with support from the Kingston Parks and Recreation Department, City of Kingston and sponsored by Croswell Enterprises, inc. invites all to celebrate their garden successes in 2012.

Since May, eight Kingston youth between the ages of 14 – 19 have been provided an educational stipend to work weekly and grow vegetables under the stewardship of Farmer Jesica Clark, a first generation organic farmer and Valerie Linet both formerly from Phillies Bridge Farm. Through the Dig Kids program, the teenagers have transformed the front of the community center at the Everett Hodge Center with a vegetable garden – and new to the program this year, the Van Buren Street Playground garden, a city of Kingston Park, while learning valuable farming skills that include garden visioning, soil construction, companion planting, harvesting and preparing or donating their vegetables.

Kingston citizens are invited to meet the Dig Kids at the Everett Hodge Center 15-21 Franklin Street on Thursday, August 23td at 4:30pm for a garden walk to the Van Buren Street Playground on Van Buren Street for hamburgers and hot dogs and other festivities.

Donations for ‘The Dig Kids’ program for 2013 are currently being accepted. Please contact Rebecca Martin at the Kingston Land Trust at 845/750-7295 for more information on the event, or how you might be a future donor or sponsor.


About “The Dig Kids: An Urban Farming Program” for Youth Created by the Kingston Land Trust in 2011 with a grant from the Columbia Foundation and a donation by Family of Woodstock, ‘The Dig Kids” is charged in working with Kingston youth to grow food, learn farming practices, encourage entrepreneurship, beautification, pride and good health through hands on farming experiences.

About the South Pine Street City Farm The South Pine Street City Farm is an urban farm located in the Hudson Valley’s Kingston, NY. On a 1/4 acre lot, the farm grows produce destined for the city’s various tables. Striving to provide absolutely delicious vegetables and fruits grown minutes from their destination, the SPSCF uses responsible and regenerative growing practices. In support of the The Queens Galley, some of the proceeds help fund the organization’s mission to provide awareness, education, relief and prevention of food insecurity in America. With our Partners The Kingston Land Trust and Binnewater Ice Co. we are building a community that values open, green and productive spaces.

About Kingston Cares Kingston Cares is a community collaborative sponsored by Family of Woodstock, Inc. and funded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration through a Drug Free Communities grant. For more information, visit: LINK

About Croswell Enterprises, Inc. Croswell Enterprises, LTD’s philosophy is simple: provide high quality bulk landscaping materials with old fashioned service. While their website provides a wealth of information, they welcome your calls to discuss and make recommendations for your individual project. Their products include: Dynagro Garden Soil, Dynagro Topsoil, Dynamulch, Landscape Mulch, Dynagro Super Rich Compost, Gravel and Round River Stone. Dynagro Garden Soil and Dynamulch are their most popular products. Dynagro Garden Soil is a custom blended soil,ready to plant! Rich in organic material with a light texture and balanced ph, this soil is perfect for flower and vegetable growing. Dynamulch TM is a compost enriched mulch which can be used as a mulch or as a soil conditioner. For more information, feel free to contact their office at (845) 331-4232, visit them at croswellenterprises.com or friend them on FACEBOOK

About the City of Kingston Parks and Recreation Department Led by Director Kevin Gilfeather, the Kingston Parks and Recreation Department oversees Kingston’s park system and organizes many programs for residents and tourists that include boating, kayaking, youth, adult and senior programs, environmental education, adult sports and more. www.kingston-ny.gov

Kingston Gardens in May

It’s an exciting time of year with garden projects just getting underway.   This year the Kingston Land Trust is proud to share the progress of several we’ve been working on in particular.


The Dig Kids – An Urban Farming Program

What’s new this season with the Dig Kids?  An added neighborhood ‘community’ garden that’s what!  Last year, five youth were successful in planting out and maintaining the Everette Hodge Children’s garden on Franklin Street.  Under the guidance of first generation organic farmer Jesica Clark, we have been able to successfully get the community to think of gardening as more of a lifestyle then a hobby.


The Everette Hodge Children's Garden in 2012 after it being planted out by the Dig Kids - a program of the Kingston Land Trust. Strawberries in the middle from last season were already harvested this spring.


We were fortunate enough to work out the details and to partner with the city of Kingston’s Park and Recreation Department to add three new raised beds to our program that existed, abandoned at the Van Buren Street Playground in Midtown. With the help of our partners at Croswell Enterprises  the youth have had the opportunity to use the highest quality soil for growing healthy vegetables.  Over the past two weeks, the existing soil was removed and replaced with the most artfully crafted and locally made compost.  With a few helpful hands, a fence was placed around the gardens to keep the critters out – and the youth did its first planting of vegetables and flowers.

Our Dig Kids have been joined by over a dozen neighborhood children all wanting to participate.  With the help of our newly added program coordinator Valerie Linet, Kingston Cares and the KLT, we are adding new programming on site that includes seedling plantings, cleaning of the playground equipment and even a new flower garden to accommodate our little friends.  Stop by when you have some time and offer to volunteer if you’d like.  The Dig Kids are there on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in the afternoon.


The Van Buren Street Playground Raised Bed garden planted by the Dig Kids, a program of the Kingston Land Trust.


The Galley Community Garden

Last season, the Kingston Land Trust with the help of the Queens Galley worked to transform a small garden plot on their front lawn (that had been expertly gardened originally by Billiam van Roestenberg with a Learn and Serve Grant award) into four raised beds. With local family interest, the new project got underway.


The Galley Community Garden adopted by Mudita Yoga Studios this season.


Now in it’s second year, the Mudita Yoga Studio has adopted the beds to offer plots to their community – growing food for the Queens Galley and their families. It’s a great garden project with exciting new partnerships that include Creating Healthy Places and Cornell Cooperative Extension.


Partnerships are key.


To find out more on gardens in Kingston, visit KINGSTONCITYGARDENS.ORG

The Kingston Land Trust Launches KingstonCityGardens.org, a Citywide Garden Website.

Click on the image to visit the website.



To learn more about this and other former Kingston Land Trust garden projects, visit our facebook page at: URBAN AGRICULTURE IN KINGSTON, NY

The Kingston Land Trust launches citywide garden website called KingstonCityGardens.org.  As a partner of the Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Community Garden Committee funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Kingston Land Trust has created an online website that works to create an interactive network of local gardeners, connecting them to resources and knowledge to support garden projects.



Kingston – The Kingston Land Trust as a partner of the Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Community Garden Committee is pleased to announce the launch of KingstonCityGardens.org – a comprehensive, dynamic citywide garden website that provides resources for School and Community Gardens, Urban Farms and Edible Landscapes.

By highlighting successful garden projects located in the City of Kingston, the site shares information as a local garden ‘toolkit’ by listing garden planning tools, local materials, selected grant options, advocacy, action volunteering opportunities and more.  By using an added element on the website, ‘BuddyPress’, a social media application, citizens can become members of the website and share information on gardening in the area in real time.

“It’s exciting,” says Rebecca Martin, Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust and one of the creators of the site on behalf of Healthy Kingston for Kids and the School and Community Garden Committee.  “KingstonCityGardens.org takes an inventory of trusted and well-made materials and can aid in helping to tell the stories of those already hard at work to make gardens more accessible.  In this way, volunteers will be able to plug into an existing project, capturing their interest immediately while building capacity on the great gardens already underway.”


You can view the site by visiting www.kingstoncitygardens.org

For more information on the website, contact Rebecca Martin, Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust at 845/877-LAND (5263) or email rebecca@kingstonlandtrust.org


About Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Community Garden Committee      This committee’s primary objective is to proliferate community and school gardens throughout the city.  Members are working with community members, parents, teachers, and youth to obtain access to resources for the construction and practical use of gardens.  The committee has created a citywide garden coalition to sustain this work, mobilized volunteers to help in launch community gardens, and worked with garden stewards to successfully create community and school gardens. The committee is also working to increase access to healthy food within walkable distance from Kingston neighborhoods. Additionally, the committee is working on initiatives aimed at sustaining community and school gardens for the long term.

About Healthy Kingston for Kids   Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County (CCEUC) and several partners are leading an initiative to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic in Kingston, NY through environmental, policy change, and systems change.  We are building a better Kingston for kids to eat, walk, bike, and play!  The project is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with $360,000 over four years.  Partners include the City of Kingston Parks and Recreation Department, the Kingston City School District, the Kingston Land Trust, the Community Heart Health Coalition, Gilmour Planning, the Rose Women’s Care Service, the YMCA of Kingston, the Mid-Hudson Health and Safety Institute, the Center for Creative Education, and the Ulster County Health, Planning, and Information Services Departments.

About the Kingston Land Trust  The Kingston Land Trust is committed to the protection and preservation of open space, historic sites, wetlands, scenic areas, and forests in the City of Kingston and the surrounding region to include the Town of Ulster and Town of Kingston.


YMCA and South Pine Street City Farm Team Up to Build Community Greenhouse in Kingston

YMCA and South Pine Street City Farm team up to build community greenhouse  Innovative urban farm project receives funding from SARE

KINGSTON, NY – This season the South Pine Street City Farm and the YMCA are partnering on a new greenhouse at the YMCA Community Garden in mid-town Kingston.  The 12′ x 20′ greenhouse will be used for seedlings and winter production for South Pine Street City Farm, but will also be open to community gardeners and others wanting to participate in growing their own seedlings.

The idea of a city greenhouse was initiated by Jesica Clark, farmer at South Pine Street City Farm, out of her desire to grow seedlings for the farm and for community use in Kingston.  In addition, Mrs. Clark applied for and was awarded funding from Sustainable Agriculture Reseach and Education (SARE) to conduct an innovative projectdesigned to heat the greenhouse without electricity or fossil fuels, using compost made from used coffee grounds and yard waste such as leaves and chipped branches.

“I’m so excited to be able to grow seedlings sustainably in Kingston.  What an opportunity for those who want to grow food from seed, but find that their sunny window is just not enough,” says farmer Clark.

Lee Anne Albritton, Child Care Director at the YMCA of Kingston and Ed Blouin, Site Steward for the YMCA Community Garden, picked up on the project and suggested the YMCA Garden, located in the playground on Summer Street, as an ideal place for the greenhouse.  The site is accessible to many neighborhoods in Kingston and project will draw attention to the burgeoning garden space created for the community and the youth that participate in YMCA programs.  The YMCA Community Garden will again be expanding this year to accommodate more families who want to garden, but do not have the space or resources at their home.

Ms. Albritton comments, “This is such an exciting collaboration, using Farmer Clark’s expertise and experience to help the YMCA mission of social responsibility to expand our community gardens and to bring accessible gardening and food production to our members and their families. Participating in this “groundbreaking” program will be especially stimulating for our after-school youth gardening curriculum, as well as for our new program to provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients with seeds, tools and garden space to provide real food for their families.”

The greenhouse is scheduled to be in place by the end of this year and will be ready for seedling production in 2013.

For more information about the greenhouse or South Pine Street City Farm – A program sponsored by The Queens Galley in partnership with The Kingston Land Trust and Binnewater Ice Company, please contact Jesica Clark at jesicaclark21@gmail.com.  For information about the YMCA and their gardening programs, please contact Lee Anne Albritton at lalbritton@ymcaulster.org

Galley Community Garden Retires in 2011 and Looks Ahead in 2012.

The Galley Community Garden Retires in 2011 and looks ahead to 2012!

The Galley Community Garden had it’s first full year in 2011. Led by residents in the Uptown Kingston area, the Kingston Land Trust and the Queens Galley were happy to get this new project off the ground.

We are all looking forward to a future collaboration with Creating Healthy Places (to Live, Work and Play) – a grant project secured by Cornell Cooperative Extension in 2012. Together, the partners will continue to work to engage and support new community garden interest in the city of Kingston.

If you wish to join us in this work, please contact Rebecca Martin, Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust at 845/877-5263 or by email: kingstonlandtrust@gmail.com

Mini-Grant Opportunity for New Gardens in Kingston

The Fall 2011 LSA Mini- Grant: New Gardens! is a mini-grant award that is designed to fund youth led service-learning garden projects in Ulster County. This grant will fund materials for the construction of a new garden at your site and does not provide capital funding to the grantees. Community groups must have youth participants and are encouraged to work with nearby schools and teachers.

Not for Profit Groups in Ulster County are eligible. This includes schools, churches, hospitals, community and neighborhood groups and other organizations who may not have 501c3 IRS exemptions, but whose interests are working with youth to create a healthy supply of food for their community.Community groups which have received LSA funding in the past are not welcome to apply for this round of funding.  Click on the link below for an application.

For more information, contact Julie Noble, Environmental Educator at 845/481-7339.

The South Pine Street City Farm Launches Midtown Farm Stand in Kingston

The South Pine Street City Farm launches a Midtown Farm Stand in Kingston, NY. Fresh vegetables from the farm can be purchased by residents three days a week beginning on August 29th for the remainder of the growing season.

Kingston, NY – The South Pine Street City Farm located at 27 South Pine Street off of Greenkill Avenue in Midtown, Kingston has successfully turned a vacant lot into a thriving organic farm created by first generation farmer Jesica Clark. Beginning on August 29th, a “Midtown Farm Stand” will be operated on site selling fresh vegetables three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00pm – 7:00pm for the remainder of the growing season.

The Farm, a program of the Queens Galley, grows fresh, local and organic produce that feeds guests at the Queens Galley less than a mile away.  In addition, Farmer Clark delivers seasonal vegetables to local stores and restaurants in a ‘farm to table’ effort.  With the addition of the Midtown Farm Stand, residents can now purchase seasonal organic vegetables at a better price due to the elimination of transportation and other associated costs.

The South Pine Street City Farm is a program of the Queens Galley in partnership with Binnewater Ice Co. and the Kingston Land Trust. The Midtown Farm Stand was made possible by a material and build donation by Hugh Cummings of Hugh-Name-It Builders, Kingston NY.

For more information, contact Farmer Jesica Clark at 845/380-9183 or Rebecca Martin, Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust at 845/877-5263.

Community Garden Resolution Passed in the City of Kingston

The Kingston Land Trust is a proud partner of the Healthy Kingston for Kids program. In addition, KLT Executive Director Rebecca Martin is co-chair of the Healthy Kingston for Kids Garden Committee alongside City of Kingston’s Environmental Educator Julie Noble. Recently, the committee’s efforts in creating a community garden resolution passed unanimously through Kingston’s nine member Common Council.

This first step is a big one on the sustainability front for gardens in the city of Kingston. Congratulations to all who helped to make this possible.

The HKK Garden Committee is seeking new members. If you are interested in community and school gardens and policy work, please contact Rebecca Martin at kingstonlandtrust@gmail.com



What is the Healthy Kingston for Kids Garden Commitee?

The Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Community Garden Committee is charged with effecting policy and environmental change at the municipal and school level through supporting the installment and use of food gardens within the geographical area of the Kingston City School District.