Public Notice of Kingston Conservation Advisory Council Meeting Feb. 2nd



Public Notice of Kingston Conservation Advisory Council Meeting:

The Kingston Conservation Advisory Council will host the monthly meeting, this Thursday, February 2, 2012, 6:30-8:30pm, City Hall, Conference Room 2, 3rd floor. Attached please find February’s agenda and January’s DRAFT minutes.

For further Information, please call Julie Noble, Chair, 481-7339.






Kingston Conservation Advisory Council

Monthly Meeting, Conference Room 2


Date: February 2, 2012           6:30-8:30pm


Council Members

Julie Noble (Chair)

Judith Deming

Elizabeth Higgins (Secretary)

Gregg Swanzey

Casey Schwarz


Welcome Guests and Public Comment

Approval of January 2012 minutes

Old Business (6:30-7:45)

1. CAC member recruitment

2. Governmental Meeting Liaisons for 2012

3. Updates:

Natural Resources Inventory

Green Guide

Climate Action Planning

Conservation Development Guidelines

Non-toxic Landscape Maintenance Initiative

4. EMC Report

5. Planning Board Meeting Report


New Business (7:45)

2. Follow up from Public Safety/General Gov’t/Auditing Meeting

Council Member Concerns

Government Environmental Assessment/Inventory

Flooding, especially in Ward 1

Advising Requested

Solar Installations on City Property

Hydrofracking, specifically Kingston WWTP as Hydrofracking sludge treatment site

*Next CAC monthly meeting, March 1, 2012, City Hall, Conference Room 2, 6:30pm*



Kingston Conservation Advisory Council

Monthly Meeting, Conference Room 2


Date: January 5, 2012    6:30-8:30pm


Roll Call: 6:52 pm

Board Members

Julie Noble (Chair)                         Present

Judith Deming                                 Absent

Elizabeth Higgins (Secretary)           Present

Gregg Swanzey                               Present

Casey Schwarz                               Absent



Emilie Hauser


Approval of November, December Minutes

Liz moved and Gregg seconded to accept both the November and December 2011 Minutes. Accepted 3-0, with no changes.

Secretary Position

Liz agreed to stay on as the Kingston CAC Secretary for 2012.

Old Business

6. CAC member recruitment, terms-  There have been no applications submitted for new CAC members. Recruitment will continue, with direct contact with other civic organizations and with the new Common Council members. Julie will ask each Common Council member if they could recommend a representative from each of their wards to sit on the CAC. Wards 7, 8 and 9 currently have representation. Recruitment will also focus on tangible actions to be accomplished in 2012, to attract community members with specific interests related to the current CAC initiatives.

3. CAC Website –  Julie reviewed the website layout and created a revised outline to give to CIXdesigns. Website content was brainstormed; specifically the content on the “Links” page and a great discussion was had about the scope of what information and organizations to link to. Julie will set up a meeting with Adam or Micah to relay this info and to finalize the most effective and functional design for the website. Then content will be inserted.

New Business

1. Governmental Meeting Liaisons for 2012- Casey will attend the first three Planning Board meetings of the year and Julie will attend the January Public Safety Meeting, to present the Year End Report and plan for 2012.

2. CAC Year End Report 2011 Review- The draft Year End Report was reviewed and revised. This will be distributed to the mayor, Common Council, planning, and interested local community members. It will also be available on the CAC webpage on the City website.

3. Planning for 2012-

  1. Natural Resource Inventory: Steve and Julie Noble have started digitizing some of the data and gathering data that doesn’t exist for Kingston yet in GIS. The goal is to have all of the data layers complete by March 31st. A grant was awarded to the Kingston Parks Department through the Hudson River Estuary Program to fund a consultant to, among other things: 1) create a sewer shed map for Kingston, 2) create a Geodatabase of the existing GIS data, which will be clipped to Kingston. This work should be done by March 31st. After March 31st, then individual maps will be created and narrative with recommendations will be composed to accompany the maps. The goal of completion of the NRI for Kingston is December 31, 2012.
  2. Environmental Planning/Conservation Guidelines: This effort was initiated but then dropped off during 2011. A formal committee should reconvene on this.
  3. Green Guide: Work will continue on creating this digital and hard copy guide to environmental services and resources in Kingston. Judith Deming is spearheading this effort.
  4. Climate Action Planning: Climate Analyst Rich Schiafo has presented a draft of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Kingston, which the Climate Taskforce is reviewing and revising. The next meeting of the Taskforce is Tuesday, January 10. Rich’s position terminates in March, and so things are moving right along with the Climate Action Plan, with a goal of completion by then.
  5. Non-toxic Landscape Maintenance Initiative: The effort to minimize/eliminate the use of toxic synthetic chemicals on city owned lands was broached at the end of 2011 and this initiative will continue to build into the new year.
  6. Ulster County Environmental Management Council Representative: Gregg’s term as Kingston’s Representative on the UCEMC expires in May 2012, but he will be resigning effective January 2012. Liz will be recommended to the Ulster County Executive’s Office as the new Kingston Representative, to fill out Gregg’s term and then stay on as Rep. Julie will send a letter to this effect.

Motion to adjourn: Liz moved, Gregg seconded.

*Upcoming Meeting:  CAC monthly meeting, February 2, City Hall, Conference Room 2, 6:30pm*

Adjournment: ___8:02____pm

Submitted by Julie Noble

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