Having a great time at our final 2016 Gather at The Beverly!


This year, we’re holding four Gathers – March, May, August and November – and they’re always a great time! Date, time and place are still being firmed up for our first KLT Gather of 2017 so we’ll follow up with details soon. We hope you’ll come on out and have some fun with us!

Gathers are held at local restaurants/bars and are open to the public. They’re a great way to find out more about what we do. We’re grateful for any donations that come to us at these social gatherings… We call them friend-raisers because you’ll meet some really great new people, reconnect with friends, and get to know Kingston’s community leaders.

If you own a venue, and you’d like to host a Gather, we’d love to hear from you. We attract a really nice crowd of people of all ages. People order from your regular menu and Gathers are a wonderful way to expand your clientele in exchange for the generosity of offering your space and a contribution (normally 10% of your bar register).

Kingston Mayor Steve Noble with Andi Turco-Levin (KLT Board Chair) and Kevin McEvoy (KLT Board member)

Tim Weidemann (KLT advisor) and Kristen Wilson (KLT Board member)











In December, we held our annual Donor Appreciation event at the beautiful Shadow Lawn in High Falls, and it was, once again, a very special way to celebrate the end of another year. These festive social occasions allow us to deepen our relationships with people who are already supportive of our work and to thank them for their generosity. Over the past couple of years, these events have attracted three new Board members and numerous volunteers who have joined our committees. At our invitation-only event this year, a new KLT supporter contributed an in-kind donation of office space and conference room facilities for a year.

David Cavallero has been a Board member for two years and is active on the KLT Events Committee. He and his partner, Dan Giessinger, own Shadow Lawn, which is normally reserved for weddings and special occasions – so they know how to throw a great party! “It’s a really fun evening, and especially enjoyable to share it with so many people with shared values,” says Cavallero. “This year, we made a decision to forego having a formal presentation like we did in 2015 and instead, set up tables around the room with materials about the work of the Kingston Land Trust so people could browse at their leisure. It was much more social and festive – and the food was awesome. We also held it at an earlier time so everyone could accept invitations to other holiday parties that evening.”

Volunteers helping to keep the trail clean and beautiful.

Clean Sweep… A great group of volunteers getting the job done.


As a small non-profit organization, we especially appreciate contributions for general operating support. Nearly all of our grants are dedicated to restricted uses, and we also need to raise matching funds for some funding sources, so please keep us in mind when you’re making your decisions about organizations to support.

2017 is already shaping up to be a very exciting, fast-moving year for us. This time of year, we’re planning and strategizing but it will be spring before long and that means trail clean up and tilling the soil at South Pine Street Farm. We anticipate another banner year of delicious crops, and hope to host a summer event there so you can have a taste and take a look.

We hope you’ll become a friend of the Kingston Land Trust and make a donation today. It’s easy and you can send a one-time contribution or commit to a recurring monthly donation.

You can be a Protector ($25), a Connector ($50), an Activator ($100), a Sustainer ($250) or contribute any other amount. And, if you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor, we’d be happy to discuss the how you can contribute to our work in exchange for publicity as one of our corporate supporters.

Thank you for all you do to support the Kingston Land Trust. We look forward to seeing you in March at our first Gather of 2017!

Debra Bresnan joined the KLT Board of Directors in April 2014, and is active on the Fundraising Committee. She’s a self-employed writer and editor who loves listening to live music, taking photographs, walking along the Rondout Promenade, gardening and traveling when she’s not fascinated by her computer screen.