The Dig Kids – an Urban Farming Program Featured in Visit Vortex Hudson Valley

The Dig Kids were featured in “Visit Vortex Hudson Valley ” this month! READ THE FULL ARTICLE

A Down to Earth Community Youth Program

Throughout the five-month, May to September, program five youth Garden Mentors are paid a stipend to work after school each week—totaling 10 hours a month at their main garden site at the Everette Hodge Center on Kingston’s Franklin Street. Youths must be 14 to 19 years to participate—and each selected Dig Kid can choose a Junior Gardener 13 years or younger to mentor throughout the program. ??Martin noted that teenagers are typically expected to do something for nothing and although it’s important to let youths know the value of volunteering, she said, “Paying the teenagers is more than an incentive; it’s also a way for them to learn to take care of themselves as many teens today work to help pay their family’s bills.”

Family of Woodstock’s “Kingston Cares” Joins the Effort

According to Martin, The Dig Kids got off the ground with the assistance of Megan Weiss, coordinator of Kingston Cares, a Family of Woodstock program. Weiss located the five teenage gardeners who live in Midtown. Weiss said that she loves her connection with the Kingston Land Trust and this program. Giving much credit to Weiss, Martin said that Weiss was instrumental in introducing The Dig Kids program to the community youth, working with families to ensure youth participation, and assisting with planning, supervision, and transportation. ??“When I first started working at the Everette Hodge Center six years ago, the current garden area was covered in weeds and was not being used at all,” said Weiss. “The first year, I worked with a few children to remove the weeds and plant a few flowers and continued to spruce up the area, but never would have realized the potential of that small garden area without the collaboration with the Kingston Land Trust.”? READ THE ARTICLE

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