“The Dig Kids” an Urban Farming Program gets underway…

Today was a very special day at the Kingston Land Trust, as one of our Urban Farming Programs “The Dig Kids” got underway this afternoon.

“The Dig Kids” went through an application process where we chose five youth looking for summer employment and who have an interest in farming. With a grant through the Columbia Foundation and a donation by Family of Woodstock and Kingston Cares, five ‘Garden Mentors’ are paid a weekly stipend to create gardens and to learn farming practices at the Everett Hodge Community Center – an important ‘hub’ of activity for youth in Midtown Kingston.

This afternoon, the “Garden Mentors” discussed with Farmer Clark the importance of good aged horse manure in helping to build up the soil and to prepare for planting. Ready to go, they spent an hour preparing the area before moving back inside to do some visioning and to select vegetable and fruit varieties to grow this summer.

The ‘Garden Mentors’ will work on Thursday’s of each week from 4-6pm. One of their responsibilities is to choose a ‘Jr. Gardener’ (a youth 13 or younger) who they will mentor all summer long.

If you’d like to drop by, or lend a hand – please do! It’s important for our youth to be supported by adults so we encourage you to attend.

Special thanks to Farmer Jesica Clark who is a wonderful steward. We’re lucky to have her.














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