The Everett Hodge Children’s Garden Clean-up a Success

Cucumbers from 2010!

By Rebecca Martin

The Kingston Land Trust successfully organized a fall garden clean-up at the Everett Hodge Center this afternoon in celebration of Kids Care Week (sponsored by Generation On!).   The youth were introduced to one of our upcoming programs called “The Dig Kids” which will be led by Farmer Jesica Clark (formerly of Phillies Bridge Farm).  The KLT, in collaboration with Kingston Cares and the Everett Hodge Center will work with up to 3 youth in 2011 to farm the Everett Hodge Children’s Garden location and the center’s property for a small stipend.  It is our aim to help the kids make their “farm” the most beautiful spot in town while giving them new skills, healthy  foods for healthy eating and outdoor activity.

The Kingston Land Trust’s program “The Dig Kids” was made possible by a grant from the Columbia Foundation.  Be on the look out for a press release in the coming months.

The kids got to work at 5:15pm sharp and finished in only 45 minutes! They enjoyed apple cider and a ‘breakfast for dinner’ event at the Hodge following the clean-up.

A thorough piece will be in the Sunday Times Herald Record for more detail.

If you or someone you know has a child or young adult between the ages of 7-21 who would be interested in the KLT “The Dig Kids”  program, please contact Rebecca Martin, Executive Director at 845/877-LAND (5263) or email

The Everett Hodge Children's Garden


Getting Started

Taming the wild!

Taking out trees, and now there's lots of room to farm!

This eight year old was the star helper.

Working together.

Finishing up and ready for Spring!

Kingston Care's Meghan Weiss helps the youngest volunteer, 4 3/4 year old Charlie Grenadier. Special thanks to Gerald Berke for the mums!

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