The Kingston Land Trust Hosts Viewing of the Mt. Zion Cemetery Rededication Film with Kingston Students.

Students prepare to view film

The Kingston Land Trust and the Kingston Land Trust African-American History Committee organized a viewing today of the Mt. Zion African-American Rededication Ceremony film for Elementary School Students at St. Joesph School in Kingston. Joining the population at St. Joseph were Elementary School students from the George Washington Elementary School as well as students from Maple Ridge Bruderhoff (Maple Ridge School).

The hour-long presentation included the film and guest speakers Terri Gittens (a committee member of the KLT African-American History Committee as well as the president of CARE IJN/Cultural Awareness Restores Equality), Renee Van Dyke (a resident of Kingston with at least five generations of family members buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery now living in Washington DC), Pastor Kenneth Walsh (of the Old Dutch Church who read the Statement of Reconciliation), and Liz Joyce (film maker).

The presentation closed with Principal of St. Joseph School Jeanne Dolamore with her violin for the group to sing “Kumbaya” and a closing prayer.

St. Joseph Jeanne M. P. Dolamore sings Kumbaya with the students to close the event.


Over 100 students were in attendance and sat attentively throughout.

The Kingston Land Trust thanks the administration of St. Joseph Church in their interest in sharing African-American history in the City of Kingston.

Special thanks to Vinnie Manginelli, Jeanne Dolamore, Valerie Hannum, Maple Ridge Bruderhoff, Renee Van Dyke, Terri Gittens, Pastor Kenneth Walsh, Liz Joyce, Ismail Shabazz, Lydia Newcombe, Kevin McEvoy and Barbara Epstein for their participation today.




KLT African-American History Committee member Terri Gittens talks to the Children.

Pastor Kenneth Walsh of the Old Dutch Church reads the children their Statement of Reconciliation and discusses the importance of healing through taking responsibility and issuing an apology at any time.

Kingston resident Renee Van Dyke shares her family history and connection to the Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Closing Prayer.

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