Walkill Valley Rail Trail Association to Host Annual Fall Trail Clean Up

wvtraThe Walkill Valley Rail Trail Association will be hosting its annual Fall Rail Trail Cleanup on November 15th starting at 9am. This will be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of the Hudson Valley at the peak of the Fall season. Volunteers will be needed to help spruce up the beautiful 22-mile Wallkill Valley Rail Trail before winter sets in.

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association, in conjunction with the Wallkill Valley Land Trust will be sponsoring the event. The goals of the clean up will be moving trash and other debris from the trail, clearing brush, and smoothing out ruts are among the chores that need to be completed.

There will be two meeting points in the Rosendale section of the trail.

Work Location 1 will be at  Hickory Bush Road (aka Whiteport Road). For this work site, volunteers are asked to meet by the Thruway overpass on Hickory Bush Road. This work site will focus on trash removal and smoothing out deep ruts caused by ATVs crossing the trail.Those interested in this work site are asked to bring work gloves and shovels.  Trash bags will be provided.

 Work Location 2 will be located outside the Women’s Studio Workshop, Binnewater Rd at Breezy Hill Rd. Work  at this site will focus on clearing brush to widen the trail.Volunteers interested in working this site are asked to bring work gloves and clippers or pruners.
Parking is limited at both locations, please car pool where possible.  Signs will be placed at the meeting locations.
If you plan to participate, please email us in advance (admin@kingstonlandtrust.org) so we can coordinate with the WVRTA. See the Walkill Valley Rail Trail Association’s web site, for further information or email  info@wvrta.org  to receive updates or for any questions.

Please come out and help us to make The Walkill Valley Rail Trail trail cleaner, safer and even more enjoyable for everyone. 

About the Walkill Valley Rail Trail Association:The association is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization run by volunteers with the sole purpose of preserving this precious linear park for future generations. Individuals, families and businesses are encouraged to join the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association to help support the costs involved in maintaining, promoting, preserving and improving the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail for public use.





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