Yeomans Street Parcel gets a “Clean Sweep” in 2011

A historic quarry tunnel and teepees awaiting peas and beans next weekend.

In recent times, the Kingston Land Trust took on a small property on Yeomans Street in historic Ponckhockie in Kingston. Little did we know then, that this tiny sliver had a sealed tunnel entrance to an old historic quarry. We hope to someday make this important part of Kingston’s history available to the public in some way in the future.

With the support of the Kingston Land Trust Board Directors and volunteers, we were able to scale the hills and clear a large amount of debris. Everything from bed frames to tires was cleared from the property and enough garbage and yard waste removed to be able to get close to the bottom of the historic tunnel.

We even found a good amount of bamboo growing along the edge of the tunnel and a single large red tulip growing in a mound of yard waste. Nature always finds a way.

On Mothers Day – Sunday, May 8th – at 10:00am, the Kingston Land Trust’s Executive Director Rebecca Martin will create garden ‘teepees’ to grow beans and peas with the children who live in the area. Participants should meet at 55 Gill Street in Kingston.

Special thanks to the Friends of Historic Kingston, the city of Kingston’s Park Recreation Department, Mayor Jim Sottile and the city of Kingston’s DPW department for making this clean-up possible. A special thanks, too, to the residents of Gill Street who allowed us onto their properties to clean.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Rebecca at 845/877-LAND (5263) or email

If you have a piece of land that you wish to donate  to create a legacy project through the Kingston Land Trust, contact Kevin McEvoy, Vice Chair and Chair of the Land Use, Management, Planning committee at

Garbage pulled from the property awaits the street and the DPW.






Volunteers Jennifer Schwartz-Berky and Kingston Land Trust Vice Chair Kevin McEvoy celebrate. Kingston resident Jaden looks on.





Our beautiful Yeomans parcel looking out towards the Hudson River. A future pathway?


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