YMCA Community Garden Closes for Season

By Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Thanks to Ed Blouin of the NYC DEP office here in Kingston for leading and launching the YMCA Community Garden this year with support from the YMCA, the Kingston Land Trust, and the City of Kingston Parks and Recreation Department. Bolstered by volunteers from the DEP as well as several residents, Ed helped nurture a garden that produced a few hundred pounds of tomatoes (including a heirloom variety pictured here), lettuce, herbs, kale and Swiss chard – the bulk of which found its way to area soup kitchens, including the Queen’s Galley.

This past weekend, the garden was put to bed, which included removing vines and seeded crops and then covering the raised bed with mulch supplied by the City of Kingston.

Ed will be the site steward for the garden next year. The garden will continue in 2011 with a children’s garden as well as expand with additional plots for community members. Contact Ed at eblouin@hvc.rr.com to learn more. The site is located behind the YMCA on Broadway and is superb in regard to sunlight (no trees!), soil (the raised beds were enriched with horse manure), and water (a water spigot is located on site).

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