August Update: Kingston Children’s City Garden in Ward 5

I want to thank the volunteers who showed over the past two weeks to help get the South Pine Street Kingston Children’s City Garden raised beds underway. In the rain last Sunday, we were able to finally mix manure, soil and peet in two of the four raised beds. There’s a bit more to do – but we’re getting there.

The future use of the property will be tilled and planted by Queens Galley’s Operation Frontline program to grow what Farmer Frank says to be “50% of their food needs”.

The goal was to also incorporate some community garden farming – which is what the raised beds are meant to accomplish.

At this time, we have one family in a raised bed so far, which is quite exciting. If you live close by, and wish to have your own plot this late summer/early fall please contact me. Binnewater provides all of the water needs.

Call me at 845/750-7295.


South Pine Street - raised beds

Newly planted sunflowers!

Newly planted sunflowers!