The South Pine Street City Farm Launches Midtown Farm Stand in Kingston

The South Pine Street City Farm launches a Midtown Farm Stand in Kingston, NY. Fresh vegetables from the farm can be purchased by residents three days a week beginning on August 29th for the remainder of the growing season.

Kingston, NY – The South Pine Street City Farm located at 27 South Pine Street off of Greenkill Avenue in Midtown, Kingston has successfully turned a vacant lot into a thriving organic farm created by first generation farmer Jesica Clark. Beginning on August 29th, a “Midtown Farm Stand” will be operated on site selling fresh vegetables three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00pm – 7:00pm for the remainder of the growing season.

The Farm, a program of the Queens Galley, grows fresh, local and organic produce that feeds guests at the Queens Galley less than a mile away.  In addition, Farmer Clark delivers seasonal vegetables to local stores and restaurants in a ‘farm to table’ effort.  With the addition of the Midtown Farm Stand, residents can now purchase seasonal organic vegetables at a better price due to the elimination of transportation and other associated costs.

The South Pine Street City Farm is a program of the Queens Galley in partnership with Binnewater Ice Co. and the Kingston Land Trust. The Midtown Farm Stand was made possible by a material and build donation by Hugh Cummings of Hugh-Name-It Builders, Kingston NY.

For more information, contact Farmer Jesica Clark at 845/380-9183 or Rebecca Martin, Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust at 845/877-5263.

The Dig Kids Harvest Tomatoes for Salsa

"The Dig Kids" prepare what they grow.

Last week, “the Dig Kids” processed tomatoes from their garden at the Everett Hodge Center for salsa. Using additional ingredients from the South Pine Street City Farm thanks to Farmer Jesica Clark such as red onion, cilantro and jalapeno – the youth learned cubing, dicing and chopping skills to make their dish delicious.  It’s very cool to be able to eat the food that you grow or to be able to grab veggies from another garden just a few blocks away from where you are.

Fresh salsa using all locally grown ingredients.

It's a good feeling to make your own food.

Community Garden Resolution Passed in the City of Kingston

The Kingston Land Trust is a proud partner of the Healthy Kingston for Kids program. In addition, KLT Executive Director Rebecca Martin is co-chair of the Healthy Kingston for Kids Garden Committee alongside City of Kingston’s Environmental Educator Julie Noble. Recently, the committee’s efforts in creating a community garden resolution passed unanimously through Kingston’s nine member Common Council.

This first step is a big one on the sustainability front for gardens in the city of Kingston. Congratulations to all who helped to make this possible.

The HKK Garden Committee is seeking new members. If you are interested in community and school gardens and policy work, please contact Rebecca Martin at



What is the Healthy Kingston for Kids Garden Commitee?

The Healthy Kingston for Kids School and Community Garden Committee is charged with effecting policy and environmental change at the municipal and school level through supporting the installment and use of food gardens within the geographical area of the Kingston City School District.