Attention Gardeners: Free Workshops from CCEUC

Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County’s free “Learning in the Garden” workshop series is set to begin this month. Here are the detail:

Learn how to improve your gardening skills in a real garden classroom! Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County’s (CCEUC) Master Gardener Program is very pleased to announce a new workshop series which is set to begin in April 2010.

The “Learning in the Garden” workshop series is a hands-on approach to explain the principles of gardening and will take place on the third Saturday of each month, from  April through October, at the Xeriscape Garden at Ulster County Community College located in Stone Ridge. 

Each month there will be a specific topic discussed and demonstrated by Master Gardener volunteers as the garden moves through the season. Master Gardeners will be on hand from 9:00am to 12:00pm working in the garden and available for general questions.  A short lecture and demonstration will take place at each workshop at 10:00am.  No pre-registration is needed and all sessions are FREE. All workshops will take place rain or shine.

2010 Learning in the Garden Workshop Schedule

April 17:  Waking up your Garden – What to do to get your garden ready for the upcoming season: cutting back grasses, removing debris, taking stock of the situation.

May 15:  Adding Summer Color – Filling in the holes; planting annuals and cutting back perennials to prolong summer bloom.

June 19: Conserving Water through Mulching – How to apply mulch, what types to use. 

July 17: Weeding and edging – How to weed (what to worry about with various types of weeds) and edge your beds.

August 21: Deer Damage – Taking stock of what damage the deer have done and what methods were undertaken to limit the destruction.

September 18: Extending the Season – How to extend the beauty of your garden, removing and adding plants to extend the season, what to clean up now.

October 16: Putting your Garden to Bed – What to prune and pull out now before the cold sets in. 

The Xeriscape Garden is an interactive teaching tool in the selection of heat tolerant, water-wise plants, integrated pest management and alternative landscaping techniques.

For more information about CCEUC community programs and events call  845-340-3990 or visit us online at or follow us on

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