City of Kingston 'Victory Garden' To Break Ground

The City of Kingston and the Garden Committee of the Kingston Land Trust will break ground on Earth Day, April 22, with a “Victory Garden” at City Hall that features a historic “Three Sisters”-themed garden of corn, squash and beans and involves students of Kingston High School. The event celebrates Earth Day and takes place at the Northeast lawn of City Hall, near the Water Department, at 420 Broadway. The event begins at 9:00 a.m. Speakers include: Mayor James Sottile, City of Kingston; Evy Larios, Beautification Coordinator, City of Kingston; Joann Dayton, KHS Ecology/Biology Departments; and Rebecca Martin, Chair, Garden Committee, Kingston Land Trust. For more information, contact Rebecca Martin at

2 comments to City of Kingston 'Victory Garden' To Break Ground

  • Charlie Mann

    Victory over what?
    Certainly not over
    taxes or
    terrorists or
    local criminals!

    Let me guess… victory over intolerance and guns and the enemies of the environment, right?

    Give it up already… urban renewal is dead!

  • kingstonnavigator


    Thank you for posting a comment. One way to look at our work is to say that its a victory in the sense of residents working together, creating a community. We’ve had some incredible successes. It is a wonderful experience. I would encourage you to participate!

    Arthur Zaczkiewicz

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