Crown Street Planter Readopted

KLT planter

After sitting unclaimed for nearly two years, the Crown Street planter has been readopted by the Kingston Land Trust; and to think it only took one person an hour and a hundred dollars to get it back in action! When it was brought to the Kingston Land Trust’s attention that this KUBA (Kingston Uptown Business Association) planter had not been matched with another organization since we cared for it in 2014, I volunteered to take it back on.

I wanted to demonstrate that it does not have to be a huge commitment to spruce up a small public space. Having studied landscape architecture, I followed the basic plant selection criteria for low maintenance public plantings that I absorbed at the New York City Parks Department: perennial and minimal watering needs.

Sedum fit the bill and I knew they would be available and affordable at Adams, so I headed out to see how many plants I could get with the allocated money. Staying in the succulent palette, I chose a range of forms: upright, spreading and cascading, to fill in around base of the lonely tree. With the plants in tow, plus three bags of organic potting soil (to supplement the existing soil) and my hand shovel and fork, I headed to Crown Street.

Planting was a breeze and I felt proud as people walked by, knowing that I was supporting their experience of this city as pedestrians, especially in this spot that could use a little beautification, since it is in front of a lackluster parking lot.

I am now considering how I can further embellish the planter without further expense. I intend to collect river stones and ask for transplants from friends’ gardens. In fact, with enough creativity and dedication, anyone in our community could do a public planting without cost. I would welcome the opportunity to work with others on stewarding additional installations around Kingston, especially on land that is neglected, as well as planting something more impactful, like edibles that could be harvested by passersby, or native plants to support pollinators.

Julia has been a Kingston resident for less than three years, but she’s decided to put down roots. She is looking forward to applying her background in urban design to the enhancement of a public and green spaces by serving on the board of the Kingston Land Trust.

3 comments to Crown Street Planter Readopted

  • Mary Mullaney

    Hello Julia and Andi.
    I’ve been a member for a couple years and am so pleased with what this group has done to raise the awareness of our green space within our urban landscape.
    I am of the mind set that we attract what we put out there. So, if there are people to be given recognition, I am behind them 100 percent. It takes a city full of land stewards to promote and care for the many things this group does. That being said, I believe Julia was a little quick in stating that she has done so much with the planter on crown street and claiming complete recognition. Her plantings are lovely and her time to assemble this oasis is quite nice, however, I believe she has left out some major information as to who has raised the awareness for the need to maintenance that particular box. I know for a fact that KLT was told of this need for some time. This neighbor has been weeding, painting, not to mention clearing it of garbage for two years, all of which is well beyond the one hour and money spent, mentioned in this edition.
    I believe we need to give credit, where credit is due. Don’t you? I’m not the kind of person that goes out there looking for recognition, but do feel as if your neighbor on Crown street has been slighted. She has been a good neighbor and an advocate for our community long before KLT existed. Let’s remember to take the blinders off and share the complete story.
    Your most humble and respectful steward,

    • Tim Weidemann

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Mary. We meant no offense and will follow up with the neighbor you mention, who I believe has also contacted us. We appreciate your support!

  • Karen Miller

    I am the person who contacted KLT about the lack of attention given the planter on Crown Street.
    For two years I would cross the street,from my home, on Crown Street, to clear the cigarette butts, litter, graffiti, and weeds from the planter. If that had not been done it would have taken more than one person one hour to do this planting.
    As the Garden Steward for the Rondout Comunity Garden, and the volunteer resposible for the composting of the food waste from the Caring Hands Soup Kitchen, at the community garden across from the Clinton Avenue Methodist Church, it came natural for me to care for the planter across the street from me.
    Just wanted to complete the story of the KLT readoping the planter on Crown Street

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