Land in Black Hands

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DEVELOPING Black land access, ownership, STEWARDSHIP and sovereignty


Join the Land in Black Hands Fund Steering Committee (take this survey!): 

This committee, made up of Black members of the Kingston community and surrounding area, will determine how to spend the Kingston Land Trust’s Land in Black Hands Fund (currently $18,000, with fundraising ongoing). Compensation is available for committee service.  

If you identify as Black and believe in cooperative ownership and ecological stewardship of land, attend the informational zoom meetings on June 30 and July 9th, 2021 at 6pm!

The Kingston Land Trust is forming this committee to further center the voices and needs of Black people that have been violently dispossessed of land and sovereignty, for generations, across what is known as the USA. The fund provides the opportunity to translate ideas generated over the past three years of Land in Black Hands community discussions into a tangible land-based project in the Kingston area.

The Kingston Land Trust (KLT)’s Land in Black Hands Fund has raised $8,000, and $10,000 has been pledged by an anonymous donor. The Fund was created by the KLT to facilitate cooperative ownership,  access, and stewardship of land by Black community members for land-based livelihood projects with an ecological and community-sourced focus. Such projects are intended to be in right relationship with the land, and with other people of color experiencing systemic oppression.

This includes descendant Nations  of Lenapehoking (lands of the Lenape), and other Indigenous peoples whose lands are nearby. Native, Indigenous, and First Nations peoples are the original inhabitants of what is now known as the USA, and we support their right to sovereignty of and with their ancestral homelands. The Steering Committee will determine how the fund will be used, in coordination with the KLT.

Contact KLT’s LIBH lead, Shaniqua Bowden, at or send a text to 845-303-6183

  • Seeking land? Find land to use in your neighborhood on our Land Matching Portal
  • Ask to join our Facebook group here.
  • Listen here to Shaniqua discussing the Land In Black Hands Program on Radio Kingston's "No One Like You" show on 9/7/2020


During Black History Month In 2019 we launched our first annual Land in Black Hands event (in collaboration with the Hudson Valley Farm Hub and Scenic Hudson) and, after a second event during same time in 2020 where we asked what ideas community members of color have for land access and ownership.


We had a more than 100 attendees at our zoom event for our 3rd Annual Land in Black Hands community conversation as part of Black History Month Kingston 2021

About this Event

Land in Black Hands is an annual conversation organized by the Kingston land trust and supported by community partners that explores strategies of self-reliance and economic development through land in black communities.

This year's discussion, sponsored by The Hudson Valley Farm Hub, Woodstock Land Conservancy, Live Well Kingston and the Old Dutch Church, built off the previous years, by highlighting local and regional community members who are building autonomy and land sovereignty with projects that include backyard gardening, plant-based entrepreneurship, self-healing through a connection with nature, and a regional movement toward secure land tenure for Black farmers and land stewards.

The mission of this event is to uplift Black voices to speak about their experiences and ability to access and steward land. Additionally, we aim to inspire, promote and support utilization of radical solutions and the sharing of resources, challenges, and successes for the autonomy of Black-led land projects.

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