Kingston High School Newspaper Reports on Victory Garden at City Hall

A student journalist from the Kingston High School sent us her story printed in their school publication. Thanks Emily:

Emily Mance, Victory Garden

April 22nd. Earth Day. Second period. The majority of the students at KHS are sitting in Algebra or Spanish or Global. Some, though, are across the street at City Hall, celebrating the Kingston Victory Garden, learning how it came to be and what they can do to help.

Over fifty students from various Ecology and Biology classes are going to help plant the seeds and tend the Victory Garden. They will be planting corn, beans, and squash; donated from Adam’s Fairacre Farms.

These three crops are called the “Three Sisters” because they work together. The beans climb up the corn stalk, eliminating the need for poles, the beans provide nitrogen for the soil and the squash acts as ”living mulch.” The crops have been staple foods for the Native Americans for hundreds of years.

Students will also be watering the garden. The installation of a rain bucket is expected to conserve up to 1,300 gallons of water from the Kingston water supply.

More than fifty years ago the government launched a massive marketing campaign, in order to encourage people to grow some of their own food. Their goal was to offset the cost of World War II.

“It’s really good that more and more people are planting victory gardens,” said junior, Casey McGee, who is going to help with her Ecology class.

In the fall the students will come back and help harvest the crops. The food gathered will be shared with local food pantries and soup kitchens.

The mastermind behind the whole operation is Rebecca Martin. She is the chair of the Kingston Land Trust’s Garden Committee and founder of She had many thanks for all the people who made the Kingston Victory Garden possible.

The high school’s Ecology and Biology classes got this opportunity because of teacher, Joann Dayton. She had a connection with Mrs. Martin through the Kingston land Trust.

“Including the students at KHS made sense in every way. What I had hoped through the Victory Garden at City Hall was that we would inspire gardens on the High School property,” said Rebecca Martin.

“I’m happy to be a part of it,” McGee continued.

Another teacher at KHS who is involved with the Kingston Victory Garden is Mrs. Valen.

“I want the students to want to grow their own gardens at home and to know how to,” said Mrs. Valen.

Mrs. Martin ended her speech with a proverb.

“As the garden grows, so does the gardener.”

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