Example Trail Profiles

As the Kingston Land Trust’s Rail Trail Committee works toward the creation of a network of rail trail connections within the City, examples of the benefits of urban trails abound.

The Kingston Land Trust’s Rail Trail Committee profiles successful urban trails that provide inspiration for Kingston

A peaceful oasis, encounters with nature, a scenic stroll through the woods – these aren’t always the images that come to mind when you think of life in the City of Kingston. But why not? As the Kingston Land Trust’s Rail Trail Committee explores ways of connecting the community through linear parks and multi-use pathways, we’re gaining a new appreciation of all that a “rail trail” can be. We’ve learned that the idea of an urban rail trail isn’t unique. In fact, across the country, more and more cities are realizing the rewards that come from a strong network of trails and pathways. Why not Kingston, too?

From time to time, we’ll be collecting and sharing some examples of successful urban trails as a way of expanding our own horizons, and yours, too. These are the success-stories that our Rail Trail Committee turns to, time after time, as we reflect on our own goals. And they’re a living representation of the vision we have for Kingston that makes us excited for all that our community is and can be, with a little elbow grease and cooperation.


The Heritage Rail Trail

The Great Allegheny Passage – Where Trail Development is Economic Development