Kingston City Gardens


Rebecca leading children from the Boys and Girls Club in the ‘Seed to Seedling’ program. Spring, 2009

The Kingston City Gardens project was created by Rebecca Martin and was born out of her Victory Gardens Project with In its current form, the project involves students, volunteers, master gardeners and educators.

Visit the Kingston City Gardens GOOGLE MAP to locate a garden project near you.

To see the all the stories relating to this work, visit the Kingston Land Trust PRESS ROOM.

Here’s a brief interview with Rebecca Martin:

Why are community gardens important for Kingston?

Community Gardens are the heart and soul of any urban environment. Gardens bring people together to make wholesome foods in an open communal space that reflects the immediate needs of their neighborhood. Through this effort, residents connect with one another to share their traditions and unique growing methods .

Gardens are educational by linking the past to the present, in connecting people to their health, wellness and the seasons, that empowers and teaches essential survival skills through hard work, patience, responsibility, and care.

What makes the Victory Garden at city hall so unique?

The message in an organic, historic ‘three sisters’ companion victory garden at City Hall, sends a strong and clear signal to the people of Kingston that gardens need to once again become an important part of their daily lives. It sets a positive tone and challenges us all to prepare for these new and modern times; encouraging responsibility and care, empowering us by making nutritious foods to feed our families and community, while developing a deeper connection to our roots and giving us pride in the land that we have so fortunately inherited.