Public Meeting Scheduled for Bringing Back Broadway Transportation Study

On November 19th, the Ulster County Transportation Council will host an informational meeting for the transportation project, “Bringing Back Broadway.” Supporters of the Kingston Greenline are encouraged to come to the meeting to ensure that bike and pedestrian improvements take center stage in this redesign project of Broadway. The meeting will be held at Seven21 Media Center on Broadway in Kingston and is tentatively set for 4pm to 7pm.

The transportation study, “Bringing Back Broadway”, is the result of the City of Kingston being  awarded over $3million in various state and federal grants to begin the process of renovating the physical layout of Broadway and connecting streets in a manner that will improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, aesthetics and traffic flow. This transportation study will allow for the development of a corridor Plan that includes design concepts to improve mobility, accessibility, and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists along and adjacent to the corridor.

It is anticipated that these efforts will re-connect the Broadway corridor with surrounding neighborhoods and amenities, such as the Kingston Point Rail Trail and other multi-use trails under development, revitalizing this important regional corridor. This revitalization includes an important part of the Kingston Greenline known as the “Midtown Hub”, which connects together the three other sections of the Greenline (Rondout, Uptown, Wallkill).

Midtown Hub Bike Lane

Click to enlarge and get a look at the Midtown Hub Concept

The Midtown Hub is a proposed trail in the heart of downtown Kingston. This loop will be comprised of complete streets and will link several key areas with the surrounding trail network, including the Broadway Corridor, Foxhall Avenue, and Cornell Street. This section of the Kingston Greenline is a key in shaping the sidewalks and crosswalks in order to provide accommodations for pedestrians. A mix of cycle track, bike lanes, and shared lane markings will provide accommodations for cyclists.

The Bringing Back Broadway project’s contemplated improvements will enhance mobility, accessibility, and safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists along and adjacent to Broadway from Liberty Street to Chester Street. Supporters of the Kingston Greenline are encouraged to attend this meeting in order to take an active role in shaping community policy.

For more information on the Bringing Back Broadway Project you can visit its webpage  and for more information on The Kingston Greenline, visit our website . For more information or questions about the public meeting, contact the Kingston Land Trust at


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