The Fab Four: Sections and Segments of the Kingston Greenline

Four sections of the Kingston Greenline

Four sections of the Kingston Greenline

As a city-wide network, the Kingston Greenline is made up of lots of different sections and segments, each of which is at different stages of development and, even when complete, will look, feel and work very differently. Here’s an overview of how we divide up the Kingston Greenline into four main sections:

Roundout Section

This section comprises the Kingston Point Rail Trail, which begins at Chester Street and continues to the Rondout Creek, as well as several complete-streets connections in Midtown and in the vicinity of East Strand. The Rondout Section includes a trolley trail segment from East Strand to Kingston Point, as well as future trails/promenades to and within the site known as the Hudson Landing. The communities surrounding the Rondout Section, while largely residential, also include the Lower Broadway Business District, as well as the sensitive natural environment around the confluence of Rondout Creek and the Hudson River.

Uptown Section

This section comprises the former rail-beds of the U & D RR from Cornell Street to the Esopus Creek, and of the O & W RR, from Washington Avenue to the Hurley Rail Trail and US Route 209. While the communities surrounding portions of the Uptown Section from Cornell Street to the Kingston Plaza are largely residential and commercial, areas surrounding this section as it moves further from the center of the city become more rural and agricultural.

Wallkill Valley Section

This section comprises the former railbed of the WVRR from the current terminus of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail at Rockwell Lane to the junction with the West Shore RR at Greenkill/Railroad Avenue. The communities surrounding this section start out somewhat rural and largely residential, but become much more commercial and urban when approaching Midtown Kingston.

Midtown Hub

This section comprises the Broadway corridor, from Delaware Avenue to the Albany Ave/587 interchange, as well as side streets surrounding Broadway and connecting to the other segments of the Kingston Greenline. Though we envision complete streets throughout Midtown, the Kingston Greenline will comprise a limited number of designated routes designed to provide users with a safe and efficient way to connect with other trails and important cultural, historic, recreational and commercial resources in the Midtown area. As expected, the community directly within the Broadway corridor is largely commercial, while just outside the corridor is significantly more residential in its land use.

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