The Galley Community Garden Hosts Work Party

The Galley Community Garden hosted a work party this past weekend and built four raised beds for four families! It’s a great location, with much to build upon that could include a small ‘farm’ area for guests of the Galley and residents of the Manor, a composting program off of the back of the Queens Galley kitchen and additional raised beds to accommodate more Uptown families.

We are currently searching for good organic materials to fill the raised beds. If you wish to make a donation of materials or make a tax deductible donation to the garden, please visit this LINK .

For more on the garden project, please read the recent PRESS RELEASE.

Thanks to the Galley Community Garden members, Farmer Jesica Clark, Diane Reeder – and the Kingston Land Trust for much heavy lifting.

The Galley Community Garden Before...

The Galley Garden During....(and after coming soon!)

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