The Kingston Greenline’s Already Working

GreenlineOn Monday, May 11, RUPCO announced their latest project: a mixed-use commercial and residential development on the Mid City Lanes site dubbed “Greenline Center.” The project sounds exciting, but we think it’s worth taking a moment to explain what’s behind that name. In response to the media coverage surrounding RUPCO’s announcement, we’ve recently submitted the following letter for publication in the local media.

Two years ago, as the Kingston Land Trust ramped up its efforts to establish a system of multi-use trails connecting the County’s growing rail trail system to a Midtown Hub, our work hit a snag. What would we call the project? Through a grant from Parks and Trails NY, we brought local marketing and branding guru Raleigh Green to bear on the problem. His solution was the birth of the Kingston Greenline brand.

Through a strong public-private partnership between the City of Kingston and the Kingston Land Trust, the Kingston Greenline has evolved into a critical component of Kingston’s renaissance. The project represents the intersection of several important community-building efforts to foster a strong economy, create a safe environment and encourage healthy lifestyles.

As an interconnected system of walkways and bikeways stretching from the Hudson River to Uptown and linking Kingston to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, the O&W Rail Trail in Hurley, and the future rail trail to the Catskill Mountains, the Kingston Greenline will provide new ways for people to engage in healthy physical activity as part of their daily routine. It will also make moving about our city on bike or on foot safer, since it’s designed for users of all abilities, young and old, and separates them from motorized traffic. And in doing all of this, it will draw tourists, encourage local spending, increase quality of life, stabilize and improve property values and spur investment in new real estate development.

To any remaining skeptics, we urge you follow along as the story of the Kingston Greenline unfolds. RUPCO’s name choice for its latest project is just another sign that the concept has legs. The project’s location – spanning the block between Greenkill Avenue and Cedar Street, just South of Broadway – is near the geographical nexus of the Kingston Greenline, so it’s no surprise that the proposal draws on excitement about the trail system.

As evidenced in countless stories across the country, community investment in projects like the Kingston Greenline can spark exciting new life in neglected neighborhoods. RUPCO’s proposal represents an opportunity to leverage the Kingston Greenline to accomplish just such a transformation for the area. We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with RUPCO to build awareness of the Kingston Greenline and to apply the principles behind the Greenline – greater mobility, connectivity and sustainability – to strengthen their proposal.

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