The Kingston Land Trust Helps to Prepare for ‘Make A Difference Day’

Yesterday, Hugh Cummings (Kingston Land Trust board member, and owner ‘Hugh-Name-It Builders’) spent the day with me at the Everett Hodge Center in Midtown creating a beautiful stage for the children in their backyard – in preparation for the ‘Make A Difference Day’ in Midtown, Kingston on Saturday, June 13th. The Children at the EHCC have chosen to honor their friend, Lena Laquaia-Leither Moultrie who passed away last year by naming the stage ‘Lena’s Reading Corner’ (TBA). An unveiling will occur on Make A Difference Day with a reading by her mother and sister followed by a story read to the children by assembly member Kevin Cahill.

A rain barrel was installed and the children put together a leaf compost bin to prepare to care for their 4 x 4 raised cedar bed that will hold food and flowers this season (the children grew kale and marigolds from seed!)

Thank you to Hugh,  Megan Weiss and all of the children who made it a special day.
— Rebecca Martinbuilding the stageMegan and ChildrenLeaf Composter and ChildrenRebecca, Sandy and childrenRain Barrel

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