The Kingston Land Trust Rail Trail Committee Looks Ahead

The Kingston Land Trust Rail Trail Committee hard at work.

The Kingston Land Trust Rail Trail Committee continues to strategize its work in 2012 and beyond. This evening, we were joined by guests from the Woodstock Land Conservancy – John Winter (Executive Director), Kevin Smith (Chairman of the Board) and Patty Goodwin (President). Also in attendance were guests Debra Harris (Holiday Inn and Tourism Advisory Board in Recreation and Signage) and Kingston resident Josh Gordon. May they all join us in this exciting and important process.

Recently, the group earned technical support from the National Park Service which allows us the expertise of Karl Beard and Jeremy Kane to help to guide us this year. A warm welcome to our new KLT RTC members Andi Turco-Levin and Brad Will – who both are also serving (newly!) as KLT Board Directors in addition.

The meeting was rich and part way, we were led by Tim Wiedemann (KLT Board Director and RTC member) in a visioning process to help in finessing our work plan this year.  As founder of Rondout Consulting, Tim brings his organizational, advisory and consulting abilities to aid the committee in dealing with program design and evaluation, strategic planning, economic and financial impact analysis and more.

Communications and Outreach is the name of the game.


We are all looking forward to a continued collaboration with all of our partners, but most importantly – moving out into the communities to gather the citizens input and ideas on Rail Trails in Kingston and all of our surrounding municipalities.

You can learn more about the KLT Rail Trail Committee, its members and accomplishments by viewing this LINK.

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