UPDATE: The Kingston Point Rail Trail Clean Sweep Event on April 30th, 2011

Below is an update from the Chair of the Kingston Land Trust Rail Trail Committee Gregg Swanzey.

Enjoy the pictures!

Rebecca Martin
Executive Director
The Kingston Land Trust


Dear friends,

A heartfelt thanks for your contributions in making the Kingston Clean Sweep a great success. We cleared a stretch of the newly dubbed Kingston Point Rail Trail-to-be from behind Rondout Savings Bank down to the entrance to the Livingston Street tunnel. Lots of great work! We hope people weren’t too sore the next day! It was a lovely day to spend taking action for our city and to begin transforming a mile and a half long stretch of unused railbed into a greenway and multi-use trail that will someday connect Midtown to the Waterfront.

We’re breaking new ground but there is plenty of more work to do. We plan to help bring people together for more cleanups in the future until we have broken through all the way to the Rondout Waterfront near the Trolley Museum. Stay tuned for the next one! We hope to celebrate National Trails Day on June 4th with another cleanup and then join up with the River Day celebration on the Strand in the afternoon and evening.

Here is a link to photos of the Clean Sweep April 30th.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mayor Sottile and the City of Kingston’s Public Works Department, DPW Superintendent Michael Schupp, Rondout Savings Bank, President Jim Davenport and their generous donation and great volunteer support of their staff, The Bruderhof Communities, Friends of Historic Kingston, Forsyth Nature Center, and the Trolley Museum of New York. We were also pleased to have Hayes Clement, Michael Madsen, Shayne Gallo, and Steve Ladin out there with us!

Please share our thanks with all those involved

Warm regards from all of us at the Kingston Land Trust and the KLT Rail Trail Committee.


1 comment to UPDATE: The Kingston Point Rail Trail Clean Sweep Event on April 30th, 2011

  • Great leadership. Wanted, needed and so effective. Many thanks!
    There are a couple of places, properties, in Kingston… one on Franklin Street… and other places…
    are there little projects people want some help on in between the big ones?
    Many hands….

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