Wolf Pack Troop 103 Visit the Mt. Zion African-American Burial Ground in Kingston


Kingston resident Janai McDonough hosted a trip for Wolf Pack Troop 103 to the Mt. Zion African-American Burial Ground in Kingston. We were so pleased to learn of their interest and are happy to share her experience.

“Here are a few pics from my scouts field trip to Mt. Zion on 3/4. We are the Wolf Pack of troop 103 as part of our scout training and development we need to visit a historical site. The city of Kingston offers many such places for us to visit but during recent meetings we had discussed how the Mt Zion cemetary had been rededicated and a few of the boys had learned about it during a school presentation. Since this was fresh in their minds we figured visiting the cemetery would be a great way to actually see in person what we had discussed.

The scouts informed each other about the history of Mt. Zion and were very impressed by the soldiers who fought in the civil war. A few were excited to find they shared first and some last names with men who lived so long ago and they each picked a headstone that called to them and did a rubbing to take home.”

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