How Can You Help Protect, Connect and Activate Kingston’s Open Spaces?

Champion Greenliner John Grossbohlin pitches in - won't you?

Champion Greenliner John Grossbohlin pitches in – won’t you?

As Ulster County’s only urban land trust, the Kingston Land Trust does more than just protect our important open spaces.

Through our Kingston Greenline initiative, we’re working to connect those places with a network of trails, bike lanes, and linear parks.

The South Pine Street City Farm, operated by our friends and partners Trish Hawkins and Joel Zenie, is a vibrant example of how we aim to activate open spaces, too.

Your support is critical to protect, connect and activate Kingston’s urban fabric!
Pitch in what you can today.

We need your support to keep the momentum going.

In 2015, thanks to your support, we’ve had an exciting and busy year, with lots of progress thanks to the support of our generous volunteers and donors, including…

  • Developing and adopting our first strategic plan;
  • Kicking-off construction of the Kingston Point Rail Trail;
  • Supporting a fourth great season at South Pine Street City Farm;
  • Stewarding our seven parcels in Kingston, Hurley and Ulster;
  • Building momentum and strengthening partnerships through dozens of events – Sunday hikes, conferences, workshops, bike rides and the bike valet tent at area festivals.

In 2016, there’s more in store…

Including a Martin Luther King Day service project; quarterly KLT gatherings; regular seasonal volunteer work days for the Kingston Greenline and South Pine Street City Farm; partnering with Bike Friendly Kingston on a monthly ride series; continuing and expanding our Sunday Hikes; a reprise of our successful Ulster County Active Transportation Conference; Phase 2 groundbreaking on the KPRT; and much, much more.

We are grateful for your generosity during this giving season, and thank you for your continued support of the Kingston Land Trust.

Andi Turco-Levin, Chair of the Board of Directors
Kevin McEvoy, Secretary
Dennis Weiss, Treasurer
Sara Brainard, Debra Bresnan, Sean Brix, Renno Budziak, David Cavallaro, Scott McIntosh, Gregg Swanzey, Kristen Wilson

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