Kingston Land Trust and Parks & Trails NY discuss "Kingston Rail Trail Connections" Project

Today was a magnificent day out and around the city of Kingston. Our new partners at  Parks & Trails NY Frances Gotcsik and Martin Daley arrived to spend the better part of the day with us. We walked and viewed the rail beds all throughout Kingston. What a beautiful way to explore the city!

A special thanks to those who joined us along the way this morning. We’ll do it again many times over next year.

For more information on the KLT Rail Trail Committee, contact our chair Gregg Swanzey at or Rebecca Martin, Executive Director at

About the Parks & Trails NY  “Healthy Trails, Healthy People” Trail Assistance Grant

the Kingston Land Trust has received trail development assistance from Parks &Trails New York to engage the community in exploring the feasibility of connecting existing rail trails outside the city to the Midtown area. They were one of three programs awarded state-wide.

The program is aimed at increasing the number of physically active New Yorkers by helping communities create new or increase the usage of existing multi-use trails.  Selected communities receive help with technical issues, planning, public outreach, grant writing, fundraising, programming, organizational development and other activities critical to the long-term success of trail projects.

Parks & Trails NY with members of the KLT Rail Trail Committee discussing the days work.

Friends met us along the way for a walk to the riverfront along the U&D Rail Bed.

There are some obstacles, but nothing we can't work to repair as a community.

1 comment to Kingston Land Trust and Parks & Trails NY discuss "Kingston Rail Trail Connections" Project

  • There is a brilliant trail right through midtown… a bit of a cleanup is required in some places for sure! It’s been a garbage dumping ground for some houses on Delaware and Hasbrouck… and yes has brilliant potential.
    At least as hard and much more nasty than the cleanup at Forsyth Park but the best thing for anything urban is people, more people, more often. As it is, the “traffic” on that trail as well as the debris tilts strongly to the unsavory.
    Hard to say how to approach it.. clean out the middle, the worse? clean up one end? both? until it’s all cleaned, and then, how to keep it clean.
    Lots of walkers needed.

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