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Shared Leadership

Did you know that the Kingston Land Trust staff have been practicing shared leadership since 2019? This means we have been making decisions collectively, that we co-represent our organization, and we each lead the areas of work that we are interested in. Instead of the traditional top-down nonprofit structure, we have found that this democratic approach is much healthier for us, and for serving our community.

We will be deepening our practices over the coming year. Reach out if you would like to know more about our budding model (it was inspired by the 2019 presentation of Alternatives to Hierarchy: Exploring Shared Leadership in the Workplace hosted by Commonwealth Hudson Valley & Good Work Institute)!

The KLT is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of community members who have made a commitment to serve the mission of the organization. These members are recruiting through an open application process, and voted in by existing members of the board to fill the gaps in expertise and perspectives to create a diverse board that can represent the needs of the community and help connect our work with the community that our programs are in service of. The board and staff work in collaboration to ensure the sustainability and relevance of the KLT.




Director of Cultural Engagement and Sustainable Living
Director of Conservation and Stewardship

Board of Directors

Chair, KLT Board of Directors
Vice Chair, KLT Board of Directors
Secretary, KLT Board of Directors
Treasurer, KLT Board of Directors
Director, KLT Board of Directors
Director, KLT Board of Directors
Director, KLT Board of Directors
Director, KLT Board of Directors