Kingston and its surroundings are packed with amazing nature, beautiful views and fantastic parks. It really is like living in a paradise. I’d like to share some of my favorite parks with you. Please hit up social media and share pictures of your favorite Kingston parks… #KingstonParks

Dog Park action shot (LtoR) M.J. and Gemma_Debra Bresnan

Dog Park action shot (L to R) M.J. and Gemma

Kingston Point Dog Park

This awesome park is a must-go destination for dog lovers and their happy dogs. It opened in July 2013, and people drive here from neighboring towns, even those that have a dog park, because there are two enclosed areas – one each, for smaller and bigger dogs – with plenty of room to run and play. Its friendly atmosphere has been great for Gemma, who is a rescue dog, because she didn’t interact much with other dogs or people in her previous life. Going to the KPDP has helped her to get over a lot of her fear-based issues while doing two of her favorite things – running, fast, and playing with balls. I love meeting new people there, and it’s a great place to catch up with friends. You never know what you’ll talk about while you’re standing around, watching dogs have fun. The nearby Lenape Trail is beautiful too! Dog park dreams? A simple pavilion – there’s a lot less shade since three beautiful trees were felled due to beetle infestation — and a water faucet inside the park for thirsty dogs.

Hudson River Promenade_Debra Bresnan

Hudson River Promenade

Kingston Rotary Park and Hudson River Promenade (Kingston Greenline)

OK, this park is another favorite because of … Gemma! We love walking in any weather, but summer brings the added pleasure of splashing in the water and retrieving sticks. For Gemma, I mean. I haven’t mastered the art of fetching sticks in my mouth, yet, but she has and she loves playing in the water. Rotary Park has lovely rolling hillsides and private picnic areas (inland on the grassy areas, where there’s also a large pavilion, and on a few tables scattered along the shores of the river). The Promenade is a great place to barge-watch and I love listening to the waves lapping while walking on Kingston’s beautiful new pathway along the Hudson River.

Cornell Park 3_Debra Bresnan

Cornell Park

Cornell Park

I almost hesitate to tell you about my sweet little neighborhood oasis as it’s often true there’s not another soul there. On cool days, its abundant sunshine gives you a nice dose of natural vitamin D. And, when it’s sweltering, its old growth shade trees offer a welcome respite – and under them, the grass IS always greener. There’s a hill to roll (or sled) down, scattered benches, and flowering bushes by the Veterans’ Monument that are beautiful in springtime. The view of our beautiful Rondout always brings a smile – plus amazing sunsets and moonrises, too. Kingston has many beautiful churches, but the spire directly across Wurts Street – on The Celebration Chapel, with its bold red doors – and the one towering above the nearby Church des Artistes are impressive accents when you turn your eyes inland again.

Debra Bresnan joined the KLT Board of Directors in April 2014, and is active on the Fundraising Committee. She’s a self-employed writer and editor who loves listening to live music, taking photographs, walking along the Rondout Promenade, gardening and traveling when she’s not fascinated by her computer screen.




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