Mt. Zion African-American Rededication Ceremony a Great Success

The Mt. Zion African-American Cemetery rediscovered and beloved.

The Mt. Zion African-American Cemetery Rededication Ceremony was a wonderful success for our community. Upwards to 200 people from the city of Kingston and beyond were in attendance.

The Kingston Land Trust wishes to thank the KLT African-American History committee, the guests, speakers, families and donors that helped make the event a special and memorable one.

We ran out of programs, so please click on the link provided to download –  Mt. Zion Ceremony Program.

The Kingston Land Trust African-American History Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm at the KLT offices. If you wish to become a member, please contact Rebecca Martin, Executive Director at




Guest cars line South Wall from Greenkill to Wilbur.












With the streets closed to through traffic, guests could enjoy the beauty of the location and stroll to the cemetery. African drums sound at the site played like a heartbeat in the center of Kingston















Clergy waits to be led to the ceremony.









Clergy walks to the cemetery together led by Joakim, Ev Mann and the POOK youth drummers.









Guests gather at the top of the hill.









Kingston Veterans Association Salute.









Joakim and POOK take on the task of sharing African Drums while taking in the beauty of the ceremony.










A healing time.

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