Yoga in the Park! in June

Free "Yoga in the Park!" in Cornell Park, Rondout Kingston

One of our programs ‘Yoga in the Park!’ with partners that include Shakti Yoga, MAC Fitness, Mudita Yoga and Kingston Parks and Recreation Department had a strong outcome over the weekend.

Cornell Park in the Rondout featuring Shakti Yoga saw close to 30 participants on Sunday morning. We were able to provide youth yoga for a second month, too. Thanks Shakti!



The Academy Green Park featured yoga and T’ai Chi by Mudita Yoga Studios. In its beautiful location in Uptown, we will work to get the word out this month so that more residents can take advantage of the series.

'Yoga in the Park!' at Academy Green Park in Uptown, Kingston with Mudita Yoga. Includes Yoga AND T'ai Chi!

If you wish to volunteer or have any questions, please contact Rebecca Martin at


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